Monday, August 31, 2009

Look 4 Less: DIY Tree Stump Side table

Yesterday I had one of those light bulb go off in your head moments and thought of something I had sitting in the garage. It was a tree stump cooler that my old boss had purchased as a gag gift a few years ago & later she was going to throw them out and asked if I wanted one. It was around Christmas, so I took it and wrapped it up as a gag for my Dad. Since then it has just been in the garage . . . . until yesterday. I remembered that I had seen tree stump side tables in some magazines. I knew that this tree, wood, organic look has been popular. I have seen things like this in modern furniture stores myself. So after a quick trip to Lowe's and a couple hours later after the paint dried, I had my own tree stump side table!

Inspiration: West Elm Tree Stump Side Table $199

The stump BEFORE ( I accidentally deleted my own before pic - ooppss!)


I can also put a piece of glass on top

It's not exactly the same - but close. All it cost me was a couple bucks for the spray paint and I got a $200 look.

Here are some other rooms using this type of side/accent table:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Show us Your Life: My Fabulous B&W Wedding Shower

Love the little guest book table!

We had great wine and cocktails.

Champagne glasses were sitting out with a single cranberry in them to go with sparkling wine, loved this too!
LOVED the main food table!!
Me with my good friend Rachel who sang at our wedding. She didn't follow the "Wear b&w rule!" ha ha - but that's okay, still love ya Rach!
Me with 3 out of 5 of my bridesmaids.

My booty and all of my amazing gifts. Loved how people used black and white gift bags and paper!

Towards the end of the shower while everyone was chatting, we got a group pick. A few people had already left, but I was glad to get a pick with family & friends.

I LOVED my Wedding Shower. My best friend Ashley and friend Jennie did a great job planning this. Jennie and her Mom offered their home for my shower and helped with food and flowers, and my BFF Ashley worked so hard on all of the little details! I loved all of the white flower arrangements and how Ash had our engagement pictures placed everywhere. I think that made it very personal. My wedding colors were black and white, so of course the theme of my shower was B&W. I wanted to show my adorable shower invitation, but it is still in a box somewhere from the move - when I do find it I will be sure to post! Everyone was supposed to wear black and white - which I just loved! Almost everyone followed the rules and wore b&w - I think like 2 or 3 people didn't, ha ha - shame on them! I had wanted to find a really cute white dress to wear with black boots. I thought that would be so cute since I was the bride-but as usual, when you are looking for something in particular - you can never find it. I think I bought like 3 or 4 dresses and then the day of the shower, just picked one. We had great food, drinks, and desserts! I got a TON of gifts, which I could not believe and was so thankful for! I felt like crying afterwards because I knew I had a lot of girlfriends and family and people in my life who loved me, and having all of these ladies together and knowing they were there for me was quite touching! It was a FABULOUS party! There was music playing in the background, which I always love. It was an afternoon shower - which I really liked too. The shower was at 4:00 in the afternoon. Ashley knows how much I love candles and to me, having candles everywhere during broad day light just isn't the same as when it's later in the day or the evening. It was kind of an overcast, cozy wintery day. My friends did a great job and I cannot thank them enough for throwing me an amazing shower!!!

Oh and Mike stopped by at the end of the shower (along with my dad and Grandpa) to say hello and then we put them to work loading up all of our gifts. Mike and I got some pics with my girls.

After my shower my girls Jennie and Ash took me out . . . this is us at my apartment gettin ready to have a girls night.

Me strikin a pose before heading downtown!

Friday, August 28, 2009


So tonight I had to work and was supposed to get off at 8, but after a couple hours of it being pretty quiet and no one in the store, 2 people came in 20 min. till 8. I helped 2 of them and then one girl was one of our good customers. She is in her mid 30's & last year battled cancer. She has been through a lot and to add to her rough times, she is finalizing a divorce. She said she was having a bad day and had been with lawyers all day signing papers. She bought a couple pieces and that made her smile. We chatted for quite a while and she told me about her divorce and just her life lately. It felt good to know that she felt that she could open up to me and share these things.  I told her to tell her Mom hello, who is also a customer. I gave her a hug when she left & thought to myself that I was really glad that I was there tonight to chat with her. She is so sweet and I know she has been through a lot and I pray that this will be a fresh start for her and that God will take away her pain and sadness from all she  has been through. I didn't end up leaving the store till almost 8:40, but I was so glad to stay late for her and be her friend!!! 

Since I got home so late, I didn't make what I wanted for dinner - but on my way home I did run in and grab a bottle of wine (always need that, right? ha ha), and then ran next door to the grocery and grabbed a few things for a quick dinner. Tonight is movie night so I decided to make some yummy movie munchies!  I whipped up a little something that my mom does around the holidays: sausage (I did turkey sausage) and cheese melted on cocktail bread. Then while I was at work, I had the idea of doing fries in a glass with ketchup in the bottom of the glass. I LOVE this idea and I think it would be great for a party or cookout! I can't wait to do it again!!! So cute, so easy and so good! Mike really enjoyed it! 

So that was my day - now for more rest and relaxation. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Ta ta for now! 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I <3 Good Day's Off!!

Okay, so I'm posting twice in one day, which I normally don't do - but my earlier post was just kind of fun, now this one is just about yours truly. I was off work today & had a really good day! Since I work on the weekends quite a bit, sometimes my days off are during the week. Mike was off today too (he also works weekends - our schedules stink!) and I love us being off on the same day and waking up together! It's so nice! Usually he leaves to go to work before I get up, so I love us sleeping in a little and getting up together!  We had breakfast together, I drank my usual 2 cups of coffee and then got ready for my class at 1:00. Went to class and then after that Mike and I went to the gym. We used to go together ALL the time when we were dating, but this past year our schedules have been so crazy we don't normally get to go together, plus I just haven't been going like I used to. He usually goes 4-5 times a week and since he's into the weight lifting thing he is usually working out with his buddies. He did his thing today and I went and did some cardio. I went up and down the steps to the the 2nd level of the gym. I did it probably about 25 times (these are like 3 flights) but in intervals of 5. In between I would go up and power walk around the track. This really got my heart going and made me sweat! I usually rotate the treadmill, elliptical and StairMaster when I do cardio, but today I decided to change it up a bit. I enjoyed it even more too because I found my ipod (that I haven't used in over a year) the other day. I had to work on it and do some updates for it to work again. Normally I only use it at the gym, and I had forgotten about it for quite a while and when I had gone to the gym I just hated working out without it. So now I have it again and it makes the workouts so much better. After that M and I hooked up again and did arms together. They will probably be sore tomorrow! 

After the gym we came home and had lunch and chilled a little bit, then M had to get ready to go to class. After he left I picked up, did a little laundry and started on dinner. Usually during the week with my schedule, I don't always get home early enough to cook a big meal. I mean I cook probably 5 or 6 times a week, but some nights it's something so quick and easy that I don't even consider it really cooking. But 2 or 3 times a week I try to really cook a good meal. Tonight we had Brown Sugar Baked Ham, biscuits (which I only ate a small bite of) deviled eggs, mixed veggies, mini twice baked "jalapeno" potatoes, and for desert - simple Apple Tarts.  Mike bought a big bag of Granny Smith Apples last week, so I decided to use some of them tonight. It was a really good little desert! We had baked potatoes the other night, so I had some left over and used them to make my mini twice baked potatoes. I added the jalapeno & it made them so so yummy! After dinner I went out and walked a little. I am surprised I felt like it after already working out today, but I did! Trying to get this bod in shape. I'm hoping that I will sleep really good tonight. I usually do when I get back into my work out routine! 

So that was my day, nothing too exciting, but for me - it was just a good day. I spent time with my hubby, worked out, cooked dinner and now relaxing a little. Just a simple, great day off! I am thankful for these days! 

Celebs Photoshopped: Before & After

Recently Kelly Clarkson has come out and spoken about her photo on the cover of SELF magazine and how it was photoshopped. You can read the article here. She is not happy about it at all. My thing is - why did SELF magazine get KC if they wanted someone to be thinner in the first place? Sometimes I think when we are looking at photos of celebs in magazines or on-line we think "WOW - they look perfect." But in reality, they are people just like us, with flaws, not so perfect skin, a zit, birthmark, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, a little extra skin or flab here and there, etc. etc. Looking at these photos made me remember this, that they are regular people! They just have the opportunity to look flawless in photos. Technology has a come a long way as far as photo editing and while us regular folks can do a few tweaks here and there with our normal photo editors, the celebs have their pics done with the BEST photoshopping out there. Sometimes I wonder how good I could make some of my pics look if I had access to that kind of photoshopping. But at the same time, would that really be me?? It would be kind of fun to play around with though . . . .make my arm, leg and tummy look a little smaller - that would be so nice! ha ha! I'm not going to lie!

Some of these photos are kind of shocking, whereas a few others I still think look fine they way they were before.

Back to Kelly Clarkson and the photoshopped thing . . . . it's stupid that they made her look all slim and trim when everyone knows she has put on weight this past year. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's stupid to put a photo out there of her that clearly has been touched up. It's too far from how she really looks. On the other hand, KC could hire someone to do a better job when it comes to what she wears. I think it's not only about your size or weight, but also about the clothes you wear. Some things are more flattering then others. Even if you have a little more to love, you can find clothes that flatter your body and even make you look slimmer. I know we all have had our days where we put something on in the morning and then at some point in your day catch a glimpse of yourself and think "This outfit does nothing for me, yuk!" I hate it when that happens, then you feel self conscious all day long and want to hide. ha ha! I'm sure even celebs have those days too!

KC has put on some weight (just as I have since I got married a year and a half ago . .ugghh) and she is a pretty girl! But if she wore some clothes that flattered her a little more, people might not talk about it so much. I mean, look at some of her outfits - they do NOTHING for her! Plus, it's not like she doesn't have money for clothes! I mean, she is a celebrity, she has the $$ to get clothes anywhere and from any designer . . . . so why is she wearing things that do not flatter her??

Overall, you don't have to be a stick to be a beautiful woman. Personally, I think a woman that has more of a curvy figure is sexier! It's just about how you choose to accentuate certain parts of your body. I have never been "skinny" and never will be - that's just not how my body is. I have been "thin" but I know that with my body type, I am always going to have to watch my weight. It's not fun admitting it, but it's just how it is. But even if I could be really skinny, I personally would not want to be. For one, I know Mike would not like it at all, and two - I just don't find that attractive and I don't think I would feel as attractive. I would like to be thinner then I am now of course, but who wouldn't right? I have had some very skinny friends that wished they could put on weight and have more of a curvy figure - so those of us who are curvy, remember that next time you wish you were skinny. All in all, whether you are skinny or have more to love, embrace what you have!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Motivating Pillow & Random Fashion Talk

I saw this pillow not long ago, and I think I totally need it!

I can't remember where I first saw it, but I now know that it was on Etsy. They are sold out now, but seeing this everyday might would be a good reminder that I do actually need to get my booty in the gym. I always know I need to go of course, but it's different when you actually see it in person! ha ha. I did go walking last night. If I don't fit the gym in, I take my little hand weights and go walk up and down our driveway. Our house is on a hill and so I get a good little workout doing that! Plus sometimes I like to do it late, around 9, sometimes even 10 - so I enjoy staying right in my driveway at that time of night!

Sometimes I check out what's going on on and yesterday I was looking around on there and catching up on my celeb news when I saw a story about Kourtney Kardashian & the clothes she is wearing to hide her baby bump. The things she wore were really cute and something that can be worn whether you are preggo or not. These 2 were my favorite outfits she had on:

She is a petite girl, so these things look cute on her. On other body types, these types of dresses may not be as flattering, but on her I think it is really cute!

Another thing I like to look at on the web-site is Fashion Face off. Haven't you ever been out somewhere and seen another girl wearing the same thing you are wearing (or even something you own but may not be wearing.) There are few things that can go through ones mind when this happens:
1. Do I look like that when I wear that dress?
2. I am never wearing that again.
3. Wow, that is cuter than I thought - I'm wearing it more often.
4. She makes me sick, she looks 10x better in that outfit then I ever have.

ha ha, I have had this happen, but usually my thoughts are 1&2. I think on a few occasions it has been 3&4 - don't know why, that's just how it usually happens. This is why I try not to shop places that I think everyone may be buying the same things. But sometimes, no matter where you shop, it will still happen.

Here are some Celeb Fashion Face Off''s. I put the names in bold that I think look the best.

Nikki Reed, Malin Ackerman, & Kourtney Kardashian (again)

Katy Perry & Nicky Hilton (KP needs to ditch the tights with this dress, yuk!)
Hayden Panettiere & Audrina Patridge

(I can't decide which one here. I was going to say Audrina, but she is posing and standing in a way that of course looks flattering, while Hayden is caught walking. So I think they both look good! Not sure about Audrina's shoes and clutch - she's got 4 different colors going on here with the dress, necklace, shoes and bag. I think she should've picked either the shoes or clutch, not both in those colors. Actually - I just noticed that the clutch Hayden is carring would match A's necklace - hmmm . . maybe they should do a little swapping!)

Lauren Conrad & Kim Kardashian (I almost always love what LC is wearing, but here I like the way Kim is wearing this top off the shoulder.)

What do you think???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: Our ChiPoo, Bentley


This is our family dog, Bentley. He is a "Chipoo," which is half Chihuahua, half Poodle! My brother got him a little over a year ago. We had a Yorkie that we had to put to sleep a year before that. We missed our Yorkie (Buttons was his name) and he can never be replaced, but we sure were excited to have Bentley as the new addition to our family! He is such a cutie, but also a little stinker. He is really a good dog. He has a slight bladder problem (which is getting better) and it drives me crazy when he runs off with our socks, and when he puts his nose all over our windows. I am constantly trying to keep the windows clean. Other then that, he is just perfect! He loves his toys and loves to play. He has the most adorable face ever and when he does something he shouldn't, it's almost hard to get mad at him because he is just so gosh darn cute. The first 3 pics are from a week ago. We had some really bad, strong rain the night before and discovered there was a little leak in our dining room window, so we had to put some towels down. The next day before I could get the towels up, I was wondering where Bentley was . . then I spotted him. He had made himself quite comfy on the towels in the sunshine. I think he thought he was going to get in trouble-just look at his face in the second pic, ha ha. But of course he didn't. I just let him chill out there for a while. He got himself a nice little nap! The last pic is of B right after my brother got him, he was just a pup! He was SOOOOO small. I remember watching him run around and I just couldn't believe something that small and cute was actually alive & running around. We love our Bentley so much! I couldn't imagine life without him!!