Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrating 30 Years!!!

Over the weekend my parents made the long trip here (14+ hours) to Memphis from TX! I haven't seen them since January so of course I was SO excited! I still can't believe they have lived away from us for over a year now. It hasn't been easy since I am so incredibly close to my parents, but when we are able to get together, we have the best time.

They came home since it was the holiday weekend and we had planned on all just being together and having great fun and family time. They celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last month and since my brother and I were not able to be with them and celebrate, we had planned on going out to a nice dinner and celebrating while they were here. As their gift, I had planned for a photographer to meet up with us before dinner to take some photos of the 2 of them and then some of all of us as a family. I was SO excited about it and wanted everything to be just perfect!!

Sunday was the day we were planning on doing this. Things seemed kind of hectic that day and to top things off I heard from the photographer (who is a friend of mine) and she said that she had hurt her wrist and was so very sorry, but had to CANCEL our session. I was pretty bummed and disappointed, but I was still determined to get some great photos of my parents! Luckily we invested in a nice camera in November, so I decided to take that with us and stop and take some photos before dinner.

I think they turned out AMAZING and I was so glad that I ended up being the one to take them of my parents!!

My parents are SO beautiful together and I am so very lucky to have them and that they are still together after all these years!! I am also honored that I was actually the one that got to take the photos! My parents thought it made it more special too! I got some great shots and I am SO pleased with how they turned out!! I don't think they could have been any better {if I do say so myself!!} I have always dabbled in photography, so this was a piece of cake to me. I also think that the fact that it was me taking the photos helped my parents relax and be themselves!

I love you Mom & Dad!! I had the best weekend and we made lots of memories!!

I will share more from our weekend soon! Until then, hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cinderella Similarities

Many of you have probably already seen this as I did a few weeks ago. But I still just think it's SO funny and had to share it!

The best part of it is the bottom 2 photos and the resemblance!! WOW!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeling Blue . . . Red, White, & Blue.

With a holiday weekend soon approaching, here is a little Red, White & Blue inspiration to get us in the festive mood! I love them all! How bout you, which room is your fav?

{via decorpad}

Happy Tuesday All!!

Wedding Time = Good Times

Two weekends ago we attended a wedding of one of my best friends, Lindsay. She got married at the beautiful Brooks Museum here in Memphis. She had a small wedding, with about only 50 guests. She didn't have bridesmaids - which I thought was fine because not everyone has to do that! It was all perfect just the way it was! As soon as we walked up, we heard music playing by a harpist and saw this!

I just loved these flower balls! So beautiful and SO her!!

The beautiful bride!

After the ceremony, everyone went inside for cocktails and then other guests arrived who were just invited to the reception.


It was almost like a reunion because some of my other friends were there who live out of town and I don't see much.

Me, Lindsay the Bride, and Jennie! The 3 of us used to always be together and have girls night, and go to the beach - it was so good to be all together again!

First dance as husband and wife!

I caught this adorable shot of the bride dancing with her Dad, so cute!

One thing I LOVED about their wedding was just that, it was THEIRS! They did things how they wanted them done, not how it's always done! The bride is not a big cake fan, so instead of cake, they had an ice cream station with different flavors of ice cream, toppings and cones! I loved the idea and was proud of her for doing something she liked and not having a cake just because it's the "thing to do." I think that is what a wedding is all about this day in age, making it about the 2 of you and what you like and interests you!

Something else they did that was different and that I LOVED, was instead of having the traditional guest book, they had their guests sign a cook book! They both love to cook and I thought this was the cutest idea ever! This way, over the years when the use this cook book, they will see notes from family and friends and be reminded of their special day, rather than stuffing a guest book away and never looking at it! Brilliant idea!!


Obviously we danced the night away! This was towards the end of the night They had an awesome band and we stayed till the very end and enjoyed the music!

We had a blast!!

After the wedding, a few of us went out. This is me and my friend Cheryl!

It was such a great evening and I am SO very happy for Lindsay and her husband Matt!! Congrats you two!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Incredible, Edible . . . Orange

We have been on a real Orange kick lately, especially my hubby, he has been eating them like crazy! We bought a bag of oranges earlier in the week, went through them, then bought more Friday. They are really big oranges and realllllly good!! There's nothing worse than an orange that is bitter and not sweet, but these are so sweet and good!! I put some in the fridge in case we want one good and cold, then some in a bowl on our kitchen counter.

Not only are Oranges such a good, refreshing treat, but they are very, very good for you too:

  • As we all know they are high in Vitamin C
  • They have Antioxidant Protection and Immune System Support
  • Protect against Cardiovascular Disease
  • Possible Cholesterol lowering
  • Good source of Fiber
  • Prevents Kidney Stones
  • Protects with Respiratory Health
  • Protection Against Rheumatoid Arthritis
Those are just a few of the health benefits of Oranges! I knew a few of them, but was surprised to learn of some of the others. I think we will keep eating them because they are good and good for us!

Hope all of you had a great weekend and have a happy Monday too!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Keep Calm . . . It's Friday!

I don't know about you, but it has been a crazy, busy, tiring week. I woke up this morning and felt like I had been run over by a truck! I was sore and just could not get out of bed, which means I am exhausted! I have stayed up till 2a.m. or later almost every night this week getting work done! And while I am so glad it's Friday and I can kind of relax, I do have to work Saturday - but it shouldn't be too bad. Just glad things have slowed down a bit.

I also wanted to share this photo! I think it would be AWESOME to walk in the door at home every day and see this . . . .

Seeing this everyday and having a glass of wine would be just the right prescription to relaxation, or attempting it at least!

So, to all of you who have also had a fully loaded, crazy week . . . Keep Calm!!! It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Women who Wear White R.IG.H.T

I love white! I love it when it comes to clothes, cars, furniture - so much! It's just clean, crisp and fresh - but dangerous when drinking red wine, so ladies . . . be careful!!

Here are some ladies who are wearing white right!

{This one is just about my favorite. The waistline, and the flower details makes it classy and sassy!!}

{Kate Walsh looked fab in white with black at the KY Derby!}

{Loving this one on Eva!}

{Kristin Cavallari looks bright and cheery with this dress and I LOVE her wedges!!!}

Monday, May 16, 2011

L+M Wedding Shower

This weekend one of my best friends got married and it was SO beautiful! I can't wait to share photos! But, before I share photos of the fab wedding, I need to share about her wedding shower I helped throw a few weeks ago. I am quite behind on my blog, so it's time to play catch up.

Her name is Lindsay (yes we have the same name, but hers is spelled with an "'a") and her now husband's name is Matt. This is funny because their names make L&M just like me and my hubby!

I helped throw her shower with another one of her good friends, Janna. I did all the decor, platters, flowers and little details, while Janna did the food and hosted it at her home. Lindsay is not a pink gal (which I'm not really either) and I know that she is kind of earthy and likes unique things, not so frilly - so I tried to remember that as I purchased things and put ideas together for her shower.

I used earthy browns, white hydrangeas with apples inside the vases, with hints of blue in the serving platters.

I LOVE this rustic bowl!! I had been looking for one for a while and finally found it! Perfect timing too because it added the perfect touch with the utensils wrapped in green napkins and tied with raffia.

I had purchased the L&M and was originally going to cover them in some decorative paper, but then decided to leave them as they were and added a little ribbon.

The Gift & Wish Tree table I put together.

I purchased this gorgeous frame at Pier 1, along with a gift card for the bride (what she had requested) and that was part of her gift. I was so surprised and excited when I saw it at her wedding this weekend. I was so happy she was able to use it!! I love it and want to get one for myself!!

She has the most beautiful wedding invitations, and I used part of it to ad little touches, like this I put around the vase with a photo of the couple attached.

I had this little box at home, and filled it with with cards with green ribbon for the Wish Tree. I also attached another piece of her invitation to the inside of the box.

Janna, the other hostess, leaving the bride a wish!

The Beautiful Bride, Lindsay!!!

More goodies on the island along with an engagement photo of the couple and more flowers: tulips and hydrangeas.

Muddy's Cupcakes - amazing!!


Lindsay and her Mom

I got this cute little book to record her gifts and wrote on the inside "To and From" along with the date and a special note for my dear friend!

Janna made festive wedding cake martinis and they were a HIT!!

Lindsay's sweet Mother leaving her daughter a "wish"

Gift time!!

I gave her a Pier 1 gift card, that seashell frame and this cute apron!!

Last, little favors made by the other hostess, Janna. Wine glasses each filled with a candle.

We all had a great time and were so happy to see our friend celebrate! She has been working so hard going to school. She is already a nurse and has worked in trauma, but she went back to school to get an even higher degree in the nursing field! She just had her boards this week, just a few days before her wedding and she passed! She was quite stressed (as I think we all would be if we were doing both) but she handled it so well and her wedding was perfect! I will share pictures from her wedding soon! I got some great pictures, which I was glad about because at her shower, I was so busy taking the photos, I didn't get any with the bride. But I wanted her to have these pictures to remember her wedding shower!