Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Show 'N Tell Tuesday: New Shoes and Bag


This weekend my Mom surprised me when she layed a box of shoes on my kitchen counter. She had seen these great beige sandals and knew I would love them, and I do. They have a wood heel and I just love the color because there have been several times when I think I need just a basic shoe in this color that would go with everything, and so now I have a pair. I wore them to work one day with a dress and although Fall has arrived, I think I can continue to wear them with jeans for a while until it gets too cool. It's still pretty warm in the 70's and 80's here in Memphis during the day.

Then Sunday night, Mike and I were running around a little and ended up going into Marshall's. I browsed around and popped over to the handbag section and didn't see anything I just had to have. I noticed a cute orange patent bag. I wasn't just head over heels in love with it, but I thought it was cute. I thought I would just look and see what the price was and it said $10. I thought, wow, for that price I am getting it. I strolled around a little more and saw the same bag and it was SEVEN dollars. Only 3 dollars difference I know, but hey - it was an even better deal! Not quite sure why one was less then the other, but I'm just glad I found it. The bag is by Chines Laundry and originally would be almost $80 in a department store. So I thought that was a great deal! I may not carry it everyday, but for the price and then it being a great orange color, I will carry it some this fall. I was thinking I should have gone ahead and gotten the other one (probably could have gotten it for $7 too) and given it as a Christmas gift. hmmm . . . . may have to go in there and see if they still have it. Oh and I guess I should clarify and say that Mike actually bought me the purse, ha ha! So I got 2 cute things this weekend, and didn't have to spend a dime of my own moo-la! =)

Oh and if you go the the Chinese Laundry web-site, you will find the same bag in a green and white . . . . but for $80.

One more thing - the song I have on my playlist now is one of my new fav's! The beginning of the song is by a group called Imogen Heap and is one of their songs that has been out for a few years. I have always loved their music and their song that was put into this rendition was one of my favorites. You should check out the original version of this song. It is called "Hide and Seek." One of my other favorites by them is "Speeding Cars." I think both of these are on my playlist too, so you should check it out.

Night night all!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Khloe Kardshian's ROCK

Okay so I think we have all heard that Khloe got married . . . but have you seen her ring?? Wowza! It is a 9ct radiant cut diamond with a pave band! This photo of her was taken 2 days before her wedding (so technically 3 days ago.)
There are not many wedding pics out yet . . . but from what I have seen - it looks beautiful. I love her accent color. . . . whatever color that is exactly. Some pics it looks like a grayish blue, then other it looks more like a shade of purple. I will be interested to see more pics! And to see if this marriage will last. I hope so - only time will tell. You haven't seen Khloe date much - so for her to get married is a pretty big deal. She doesn't seem like the type to get married if she wasn't for sure, ya know? Funny thing is - I didn't even know Khloe had a boyfriend??? Did anyone else??

Our Low key weekend

This weekend my dad flew home so he could go to a percussion competition my brother had. I was so glad he was here! We all went to dinner Friday night at Rain, then spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and watching football. I had to work Sat. and ended up staying an hour longer then usual (till 9pm) so I could finish up our deco change. We put new banners up and then I had to change all of the displays (10 to be exact). This is a project I HAVE to finish once I start it. I may have to post some pics so you all can actually see what I do at work and the jewelry combinations I put together. It can be tiring and some times I don't feel the most creative, but it is also one of my favorite things about my job and what I enjoy doing the most!

Here are some pics from the weekend. . . .

Myself (along with the drapes I found at TJ's but was disappointed once I got them up and realized they were not the same color they appeared to be in the package! Hate it when that happens!! So it looks like the hunt for drapes is still on.)
Love him!

B stayin in his bed like a good boy!
Mom checkin out the wine list (while she already had a glass , ha ha!) And dad engrossed in some football
Mikes dinner: slider burgers
My dinner: scallops
Dad talkin football
Mike and my Bro
Blowing hubby kisses while sportin my Arkansas hat I found tucked away in my closet this weekend! I forgot I had it! Love it when I stumble upon things like that!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

This time last year . . . .

This time last year my best friend Ashley came to visit us! She hadn't been back since we had moved into our new house, so I was so glad when she came! We had such a good time as always! It just dawned on me the other day when I was looking at some pics - that it was the end of September, last year when Ash was here! She was about 2 weeks pregnant, but didn't know it yet! I don't know what I would do without her in my life! She knows me so well, just as I know her. We are so comfortable together, more so then with any other friend, and best of all, we can be ourselves - and we do!! We act so silly around each other and just love to laugh!

I lover her so much and I love looking at all of our pictures through the years and remembering all of the good times we have had. We have so many pics but for now I will just share the ones from last September! Can't believe this was a year ago - boy how time flies!!

Late Night Spaces

TGIF all! I am just now getting in the bed . . . .so it's technically Friday! I am such a night owl - but tonight I have stayed up entirely too late. Mike said he got up to go to the bathroom and noticed I wasn't in the bed yet . . . then I came in and he commented on the time - he was being silly and telling me how tired I am going to be in the morning, ha ha . . . and he's right. I bought some curtains at TJ MAXX tonight - they were $5.99 a panel!!! I stayed up late trying them out. I like them a lot, just not sure about the color??? Our couch in our living room is a tan sectional (contemporary) and I feel like the drapes I got are too neutral. I feel like I need something with more color or something. But for that price, I just had to get them and try them out. I'll probably keep them and may use them somewhere else.

One of my favorite things to do is look at different spaces and see how rooms are decorated! I just love doing that!!! Sometimes it helps me get ideas too! So tonight I looked at some rooms, and these are a few I liked!

LOVE this bathroom!!
Like the simplicity of this bedroom, but not so sure about the chair . . .Love the ottoman
Interesting how this room has blue on blue - I like it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

J Crew T-shirt & My first Giveaway winning!

So today I am sporting a cute shirt from J Crew. I work right across from a J Crew and I do like some of there things, but I don't shop there all the time. Usually it's a little too "preppy" for my taste and then sometimes I think the price is ridiculous for what it is. But today I am enjoying this adorable Corsage T-shirt. It's cute and comfy and can be very casual or you can dress it up. They came in many colors, but I have a grey one. I even decided to wear pearls with it - thought it would dress it up a bit and I just liked the look with this shirt. Since I got flowers and pearls going on, I had to "funkdify" my outfit with one of my favorite pair of shoes: my black wedges with silver studs. They are classy and cute, but the silver gives it a little edge.

And no outfit would be complete without a handbag . . . right? This morning I grabbed my snakeskin bag that I just love. It is b&w and a little grey too. I love the shape of it as well as the studded accents on the strap. Although - it did just dawn on me that the metal studs on the bag are not the same color as the ones on my shoes - didn't think about that. But since I'm wearing pants I doubt anyone would notice! ha ha. I've had this bag for probably 4 years or more. Love it! So that is what I'm wearing today with some black dress pants form Limited. I was going to wear jeans, but I feel like I've been wearing jeans a lot to work - which is fine, but I wanted to wear some dress pants for a change.

Yesterday I found out that I was the WINNER of a giveaway. I had never signed up for a giveaway on a blog until last week. Over at Kelly Ann Studio, Kelly was doing a giveaway of Kat Von D perfume. I have watched Kat's show from time to time and like her, so I am anxious to try out her perfume! So thank you so much Kelly!! I NEVER win anything! ha ha!

***This photo came from Kelly Ann - she is an amazing photographer & her blog is awesome! So check it out!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: Last years Fall Decor



Since a lot of you have been talking about Fall and showing some of your decorations around your house - I wanted to show you some of my fall decorations from last year (since I haven't put mine up for this year yet.) I am not as early as some of you when it comes to decorating for fall. Here in Memphis it is still 80 degrees and kind of hot and humid, so I just haven't been able to get in the mood to decorate for fall. I have all of October and November to enjoy it when I do get them up so what's the rush, right? I don't get my Christmas stuff out till after Thanksgiving, so I figure I have October and November to enjoy it all - so I'm waiting a little longer till it feels more like fall around here. In the meantime I thought I would share what I did last year. We have since moved from the house that is in the pictures, although some parts are almost identical to our house now. I enjoy using real pumpkins to decorate with. Last fall I mainly decorated our mantel. I had a few touches with pumpkins and fall flowers and things here and there, and then of course 2 mums on our front porch on either side of our front door. I really loved our mantel last fall, it was festive, yet simple. I ALWAYS light candles at night (and I mean every night - throughout our house) and so I enjoyed incorporating candles with the pumpkins! I had a great bronze colored vase from Target that I had moved form our breakfast room to the mantel and it looked really good with the pumpkins.

I'm not sure what I will do this year. Maybe I will do something similar with the mantel. But I am so ready for it to cool off here and start feeling more like fall.

These are some other photos of a few touches I had around the house last fall.

This was football night. There was a Memphis game on so I had Mike's UofM glasses out (he loves these!) I had made Philly cheese steaks, seasoned fries and then zucchini fritti (all fat free of course - football food always is right? ha ha.) The candle I had lit smelled of pumpkin spice!!! I loved it!!
This was our dining room. It was really really small, not big enough for the kind of DR table I wanted in there, so I made it into a sitting room and on the opposite side had a bar that opened up that I kept glasses and stored wine in. I think I added some pumpkins to this room a little later - but at this time I just had my vase with the stems of fall berries which looked good in this room.

This was my little dessert and coffee set up I had on our kitchen table on night when we had company. As you can see I used my Target vase AGAIN! ha ha! I loved that thing and used it a lot and moved it around from time to time! I think they had a matching lamp too - wish I had gotten it, or at least another one of these vases because obviously I could have used more than one! I had a bench on the other side of our kitchen table and throughout different seasons I changed the pillows sometimes. I kept the brown and cream pillows on there quite a bit though since it was neutral and then used dishes, flowers and other things for color. But during the fall I used my green dishes quite a bit.

So that was just a small glimpse of my fall decor last year - I'll post some pics when I get around to decorating this fall.