Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday Recap {Part 2}

Now for the 2nd part of my B-day {which was on the 22nd.} We spent the day at the Zoo, then that night M took me out for a fabulous birthday dinner!


{We went to a place in midtown called DO. It's a very small place, but very fun, eclectic atmosphere, not to mention just about the BEST sushi I've ever had!!}


{just about the best sushi everrrrrrr}

{yum yum! Then of course we had to have dessert, so we ordered a slice of strawberry cake by the amazing Sugarees Bakery. Many local restaurants get cakes from Sugarees, which is located in a tiny town in Mississippi. They are the most amazing cakes!! They will ship too! You should check it out! And our waitress was so sweet and even put a candle in the cake!}

{We didn't like it at all as you can see! ha}

{Then after dinner, we headed downtown to meet up with my lil bro who was in town and a few of his friends. M snapped a pic of me as we were walking to meet him.}


{Me, the BIRTHDAY girl!!}

{My parents live almost 14 hours away and I was not able to be with them on my birthday . . . . but they were SO sweet and sent me a birthday package full of goodies! My Mom wrapped them all SO cute too!! I love getting surprise packages!!}

{Some of the goodies they sent me . . . and all from World Market! I SO miss WM & since they have one where they live, they went and got me some of my favorite candles and a few accessories! Yippy!}

{A few days went by after my birthday and just when I thought all the b-day surprises were over, a friend of mine text me and said he had a special delivery. (I like to call my friend my G-Hub . . . . think you can figure that out . . . gay husband! ha! He's the sweetest friend to me so my Mom called him to help me with one last b-day gift.) So he came by and this is what he delivered . . .}

{I was SO surprised! And so excited when I saw what it was . . . a set of my beautiful, Ralph Lauren china!!}

{Isn't it pretty!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my china!! I'm so glad I picked it out!!}

So that was the rest of my b-day! It was a great birthday and I'm so thankful to have such an amazing husband, friends and family who made it so special!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I hope to have a little time over the weekend to catch up and leave some comments, I haven't had time lately, but I hope too soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Definition of Hollywood Glamour

Ever since I heard the news of the passing of the great Elizabeth Taylor I have been wanting to do a post and share some of my favorite photos of her! I have always been a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Taylor!! I grew up watching old movies with my Mom and hearing my Mom talk about her and so I guess I just grew up loving her and having a appreciation for old Hollywood!

There has never been, nor will there ever be anyone like here! She was one of a kind!! Two of my favorite movies she's in is the original Father of The Bride and then GIANT. GIANT is one of my favorite older movies. Not only does it have her in it, but it also has the handsome Rock Hudson and James Dean. GIANT was the last movie James Dean ever made, which makes it that much more interesting to watch. If you haven't seen it, you need too!!

Another thing I love about Elizabeth Taylor is her amazing jewelry collection. She has some of the most jaw dropping jewels, most given to her by the loves of her life!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Recap {part 1}

My eyes are getting super heavy as I type this, but I wanted to share a little about my Birthday Tuesday. It was a great day! We were both off work a few days this week and my day started by a surprise Birthday breakfast from my hubby . . . . AND flowers!! He did SO good!!

{The sweetie himself . . . .}

{For my birthday, he got me this awesome Aleanto Collezioni bag!! I'm usually not a big pink person, but when I saw this I fell in love with it! The photos do not do it justice! I love the detail! This is going to be my Spring & Summer bag and will also be great in the Fall!! Love it, love it!!}

{I had wanted to get out and do something fun for the day, it was a gorgeous day so I thought . . . lets go to the Zoo! Memphis has an awesome zoo, so that's just what we did!! I took a lot of pictures, and these are not even all of them! ha ha}

{Me . . . the birthday girl at the zoo!}

{The cool entrance to go see the Pandas}

{I think it was nap time!}

{It got kinda warm, so M got us some dippin dots to share. Hadn't had them in years!! It was yummy!!}

{This lil monkey was SO cute! He kept carefully picking things out of the water to eat!! It was so funny}


{Isn't this gorgeous?? Love how the little girl is just looking over the bridge!}

{That was our day. We went to Sonic afterwards and got a little snack. Then it was home to get ready to go out to my Birthday dinner. I will share more photos of that later! Until then, I will leave you with one last pic of me before going to dinner and in my new Judith March dress! I loved it and had been saving it to wear on my Birthday!}