Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Into Spring with Aquamarine ~Final Post~

This is the LAST "March Into Spring with Aquamarine" post. I hope all of you have enjoyed looking at some gorgeous Aquamarine jewelry this month! I had so much fun searching for pretty, unique pieces to share. If you want to go back and start with the first post, click here.
Pearls and Aquamarines make such a pretty combination!
Aqua paired with Smoky Quartz from Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers in Little Rock
Yurman Aqua Chalcedony Ring in Sterling Silver
Oval Yurman Aqua Ring in 18k gold

These last pieces are by Harry Winston . . be still my heart!
H. Winston Marquesa Aquamarine Cocktail Rings with Diamonds

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Show 'N Tell Tuesday: Painting by John Douglas


While I was in TX visiting my parents last week, they got me this painting by artist John Douglas!! I had seen it while I was there and loved it. I was so happy to get it for my b-day!! I liked the fact that it has so many colors! I am not sure where I am going to put it yet, still looking for the perfect space.

Here are some other pieces by John Douglas that I like:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Take a Seat

While I was visiting my parents last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had put new furniture in their guest bedroom. They got a new bed that was really nice, new side tables, a lamp, chair and ottoman. My Mom is still working on the room and looking for accessories, but I fell in love with the chair and lamp she picked out! I wanted to come home with the chair! ha ha! But I guess I should leave it there so I can enjoy it when I visit! She also had fresh flowers in the room on each side table! It was so cozy, I just loved it!!

Here are a couple pics of the chair and you will notice the adorable B&W lamp too. I wish I had taken the pics when it was dark out because the sun glaring in the room made the pic not turn out so hot, but you get the idea.

On another subject . . . 2 nights this week I got home from work and hubby had dinner ready for me. It was SO sweet the first night, but then when he did it the second night I asked him . . "Are you feeling okay??" ha ha! I wasn't totally shocked that he did this, because he does sweet things for me a lot and does things to help me around the house ~ but it was still a pleasant surprise. Each night, along with dinner, he had all my candles lit around the house too! He knows how I love my candles!! The second night he had dinner for us, he got sushi and then fixed beef fried rice and shrimp and vegetables. Obviously he didn't make the sushi, but I was still impressed that he put everything on plates and tried to make it look nice for me. That's what was so sweet to me! He could have left everything in a pan and the sushi in what it came in, but he didn't ~ he took the time to place everything on a dish! So sweet!! He definitely got bonus points!!

Our weekend was pretty low key, we both worked all weekend. We watched the tournament games and one night watched it with some friends, and that was fun! I took on a little project and painted an old card table because I want to use it as a desk. I'll post pics of that later this week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Ta ta for now!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bright & Cheery Rooms that Make Me Smile!

Hopefully wherever all of you are, you are having nice weather this weekend. The sun should be out & shining here - and I am SO thankful for that. But ~ if the sun is not shining where you are, let these rooms bring some cheer your way! This is great eye candy, so enjoy!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trip Recap & Pics

I have been catching up on my rest from our trip to Lubbock, TX to visit my parents. It was about a 13 hour drive and we were pooped when we got home late last night. I had a great time spending time with my parents!! I hadn't seen then since early January, which is a really long time for me. My parents were great and treated us to so many meals, drinks and fun things and I appreciate them SO much!!!

I have lots of pics, and I will share some now and maybe later on this week so it's not too much of a picture over load.

First Night: My Mom and I went to get pedicures and manicures (her treat!X) After that we went and ate Sushi. My Dad was out of town for the night and so my Mom took us to a great sushi place. It was SO good. It was also my first time to try a sweet potato roll . . . never heard of it before, but it was SOOO good!!

Second Day: Mike and I went out to lunch and then a little shopping. The first time I went to Lubbock, my parents took me to Rudy's. They have the best brisket! It's a simple place, nothing fancy, but boy is it good. Mike loved it!!

That night we went to an AWESOME wine bar called La Diosa. It is actually a wine cellar and they only serve wine along with their own homemade Sangria! They had a live band and the atmosphere was just fabulous!! We danced, listened to the band and enjoyed some great wine with some fruit and cheese!

The next day we went out and about a bit with my parents. Mom and I did a little shopping at this great store by the Texas Tech campus called T.C. Elli's. I'll have to do another post on all of the cute things I got! After that we looked around at a new hotel in town, which was really cool and had some great western art! Then we went and ate some yummy Mexican food!! My Dad got a Dos Sequis Margarita, I had never seen a Margarita quite like it.

On my actual b-day, Mike and I went out to eat and then hit a few stores that I wanted to visit before leaving. First on the list, World Market. Ours closed about a year ago and I have missed it terribly!! I had to go get a few of my favorite candles . . . Indonesian Teak. They have the best drinks and treats too. We enjoyed a nice cold, orange soda after we shopped there. That night we stayed in at my parents, got take out and watched DWTS!! It was fun! We had some laughs watching it!
The wind there was like nothing I had ever seen, which explains my gorgeous hair! Mike had the same problem of course! ha ha
Mike bought me a really cool ring for my b-day. I LOVE it! He also bought me some clothes while we were there and a black Coach wristlet! He was so good to me!!
Enjoying some wine, and once again . . . . the wind loved my hair!