Friday, August 28, 2009


So tonight I had to work and was supposed to get off at 8, but after a couple hours of it being pretty quiet and no one in the store, 2 people came in 20 min. till 8. I helped 2 of them and then one girl was one of our good customers. She is in her mid 30's & last year battled cancer. She has been through a lot and to add to her rough times, she is finalizing a divorce. She said she was having a bad day and had been with lawyers all day signing papers. She bought a couple pieces and that made her smile. We chatted for quite a while and she told me about her divorce and just her life lately. It felt good to know that she felt that she could open up to me and share these things.  I told her to tell her Mom hello, who is also a customer. I gave her a hug when she left & thought to myself that I was really glad that I was there tonight to chat with her. She is so sweet and I know she has been through a lot and I pray that this will be a fresh start for her and that God will take away her pain and sadness from all she  has been through. I didn't end up leaving the store till almost 8:40, but I was so glad to stay late for her and be her friend!!! 

Since I got home so late, I didn't make what I wanted for dinner - but on my way home I did run in and grab a bottle of wine (always need that, right? ha ha), and then ran next door to the grocery and grabbed a few things for a quick dinner. Tonight is movie night so I decided to make some yummy movie munchies!  I whipped up a little something that my mom does around the holidays: sausage (I did turkey sausage) and cheese melted on cocktail bread. Then while I was at work, I had the idea of doing fries in a glass with ketchup in the bottom of the glass. I LOVE this idea and I think it would be great for a party or cookout! I can't wait to do it again!!! So cute, so easy and so good! Mike really enjoyed it! 

So that was my day - now for more rest and relaxation. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Ta ta for now! 


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Love the look of the fries in ketchup ... do they get soggy though?

Jen and Rob said...

looks yummy!

Annie said...

the fry cups are too cute!
i have not had french fries in over a month....i have a serious craving for them after seeing this!
have a great weekend girly!

Ashley said...

You always have the greatest ideas! I love it ;)

In this wonderful life... said...

that was so sweet of you to be a hear to listsen to that sweet girl!

those snacks look YUM!