Sunday, August 30, 2009

Show us Your Life: My Fabulous B&W Wedding Shower

Love the little guest book table!

We had great wine and cocktails.

Champagne glasses were sitting out with a single cranberry in them to go with sparkling wine, loved this too!
LOVED the main food table!!
Me with my good friend Rachel who sang at our wedding. She didn't follow the "Wear b&w rule!" ha ha - but that's okay, still love ya Rach!
Me with 3 out of 5 of my bridesmaids.

My booty and all of my amazing gifts. Loved how people used black and white gift bags and paper!

Towards the end of the shower while everyone was chatting, we got a group pick. A few people had already left, but I was glad to get a pick with family & friends.

I LOVED my Wedding Shower. My best friend Ashley and friend Jennie did a great job planning this. Jennie and her Mom offered their home for my shower and helped with food and flowers, and my BFF Ashley worked so hard on all of the little details! I loved all of the white flower arrangements and how Ash had our engagement pictures placed everywhere. I think that made it very personal. My wedding colors were black and white, so of course the theme of my shower was B&W. I wanted to show my adorable shower invitation, but it is still in a box somewhere from the move - when I do find it I will be sure to post! Everyone was supposed to wear black and white - which I just loved! Almost everyone followed the rules and wore b&w - I think like 2 or 3 people didn't, ha ha - shame on them! I had wanted to find a really cute white dress to wear with black boots. I thought that would be so cute since I was the bride-but as usual, when you are looking for something in particular - you can never find it. I think I bought like 3 or 4 dresses and then the day of the shower, just picked one. We had great food, drinks, and desserts! I got a TON of gifts, which I could not believe and was so thankful for! I felt like crying afterwards because I knew I had a lot of girlfriends and family and people in my life who loved me, and having all of these ladies together and knowing they were there for me was quite touching! It was a FABULOUS party! There was music playing in the background, which I always love. It was an afternoon shower - which I really liked too. The shower was at 4:00 in the afternoon. Ashley knows how much I love candles and to me, having candles everywhere during broad day light just isn't the same as when it's later in the day or the evening. It was kind of an overcast, cozy wintery day. My friends did a great job and I cannot thank them enough for throwing me an amazing shower!!!

Oh and Mike stopped by at the end of the shower (along with my dad and Grandpa) to say hello and then we put them to work loading up all of our gifts. Mike and I got some pics with my girls.

After my shower my girls Jennie and Ash took me out . . . this is us at my apartment gettin ready to have a girls night.

Me strikin a pose before heading downtown!


Melissa said...

That's a cute shower idea! I love your black boots in the last picture!!

Ashley said...

Love this great memory!!! It was such a fun shower, I loved how it was in the evening.. it was so perfect!!!

Sole Matters said...

how fun!!! i love the idea of a B&W shower! ill have to keep that in mind for when i have a boyfriend/fiance/am engaged! ha!

Colby and Joanna said...

I've heard of showers being the colors of the wedding, but never the guests wearing the colors! Such a fun idea and great pictures!

Annie said...

i have that dress you wore at your shower!
i totally forgot about it. it's so cute :)

i love the B&W theme! everything looks great!

In this wonderful life... said...

What a fun shower! Everything looks so beautiful!!