Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Motivating Pillow & Random Fashion Talk

I saw this pillow not long ago, and I think I totally need it!

I can't remember where I first saw it, but I now know that it was on Etsy. They are sold out now, but seeing this everyday might would be a good reminder that I do actually need to get my booty in the gym. I always know I need to go of course, but it's different when you actually see it in person! ha ha. I did go walking last night. If I don't fit the gym in, I take my little hand weights and go walk up and down our driveway. Our house is on a hill and so I get a good little workout doing that! Plus sometimes I like to do it late, around 9, sometimes even 10 - so I enjoy staying right in my driveway at that time of night!

Sometimes I check out what's going on on and yesterday I was looking around on there and catching up on my celeb news when I saw a story about Kourtney Kardashian & the clothes she is wearing to hide her baby bump. The things she wore were really cute and something that can be worn whether you are preggo or not. These 2 were my favorite outfits she had on:

She is a petite girl, so these things look cute on her. On other body types, these types of dresses may not be as flattering, but on her I think it is really cute!

Another thing I like to look at on the web-site is Fashion Face off. Haven't you ever been out somewhere and seen another girl wearing the same thing you are wearing (or even something you own but may not be wearing.) There are few things that can go through ones mind when this happens:
1. Do I look like that when I wear that dress?
2. I am never wearing that again.
3. Wow, that is cuter than I thought - I'm wearing it more often.
4. She makes me sick, she looks 10x better in that outfit then I ever have.

ha ha, I have had this happen, but usually my thoughts are 1&2. I think on a few occasions it has been 3&4 - don't know why, that's just how it usually happens. This is why I try not to shop places that I think everyone may be buying the same things. But sometimes, no matter where you shop, it will still happen.

Here are some Celeb Fashion Face Off''s. I put the names in bold that I think look the best.

Nikki Reed, Malin Ackerman, & Kourtney Kardashian (again)

Katy Perry & Nicky Hilton (KP needs to ditch the tights with this dress, yuk!)
Hayden Panettiere & Audrina Patridge

(I can't decide which one here. I was going to say Audrina, but she is posing and standing in a way that of course looks flattering, while Hayden is caught walking. So I think they both look good! Not sure about Audrina's shoes and clutch - she's got 4 different colors going on here with the dress, necklace, shoes and bag. I think she should've picked either the shoes or clutch, not both in those colors. Actually - I just noticed that the clutch Hayden is carring would match A's necklace - hmmm . . maybe they should do a little swapping!)

Lauren Conrad & Kim Kardashian (I almost always love what LC is wearing, but here I like the way Kim is wearing this top off the shoulder.)

What do you think???


Ashley said...

Lindsey! What a great post! I love it!!! I love the "fashion face off"... First, I think the pic of Audrina & Hayden is weird.. the dress is awesome, but Im like you, I think Audrina has WAY too much going on. Her clutch, shoes, & necklace all don't corrdinate with the dress. Im thinking a different necklace, maybe gold? And the she could keep the shoes.. or even a necklace with the turquoise and then a gold clutch? WAY too many colors for the eye!

Love the last pic of Kim, Lauren tends to look chubbier than she is in hers.

You are so right about how some things can look good on skinnier people than others. When it's evident that you are 100 lbs soaked, moo moo's look good on certain people! But baggy things look horrible (on me especially) because I am more curvy.. especially after having this baby! But CUTE dress to hide the small bump.. WAY cute!

GREAT POST, keep em coming!

Ashley said...

Also, Im not crazy about Hayden's black shoes and that tan clutch either! That is odd.. is that in right now??? Im noticing a pattern!

Whats new for fall????

Annie said...

i just love your posts :)

okay, i could totally use that pillow!! i go to the gym but it's a struggle every day!

i LOVE kourt's dresses!! they are adorable!!
i want them!

for the last who wore it best, i would totally say hayden. audrina is just fakey to me, she looks so unnatural and anorexic....kind of ruins it for her. then there is the fact that she is wearing turquoise shoes....ick! also not a fan of the necklace with that dress.

i love kim's style in the last comparison, that is something i'd like to wear! ;) casual and cute yet stylish!

hope you are having a great night pretty lady!!!

Brown Girl said...

I could not believe that Kourt was pregnant, I guess I had been living in a bubble or something. I think the Kardashian sister always look hot, they just have a wonderful sense of fashion and style. I am obsessed with their hair!!! I wish my hair would grow that long. le sigh. ;)