Friday, October 28, 2011

Feelin Like Fall

I have been adding a few of Fall touches around the house over the past few weeks. I'm not quite done, but have done a few things here and there to make our nest feel like Fall. I have mums on my front porch, made a wreath for my front door, decorated my dining and breakfast room with some festive Fall touches!

First my breakfast room . . . .

Still need to take a better photo of the wreath I made on my front door - this was taken at night with my phone. I'm normally not a huge wreath fan except for at Christmas and just could not find a wreath for Fall that I really liked - so I made one! I don't like wreaths that have too much going on - so I made one with leaves for fall but in a square shape for a bit more modern feel - if a wreath can even be considered modern?? lol! But here it is . . . .

And now for my dining room table . . .

And this little fellow, my pup Mr. Big looks mighty cute in his festive Halloween bandanna! He was striking a pose for me!

Happy weekend to all of you!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Last year for Christmas my parents almost got me this fab sunburst mirror but they were not 100% sure I would like it (duh) and ended up getting me another cool piece instead. Later they showed me a photo of the mirror and I fell in love with it. After they saw how much I loved it they felt bad they didn't get it - but I told them it was okay and that I was going to try to go back and get it.

I've been watching this mirror for almost a year now. I would go by the store and see if they still had it and it's always been there. Last week I went by and was looking around and had the mirror on my mind as well and headed over to the area it had been hanging all this time and it was not there! I was like "Oh no!! They finally sold it!"

I really hated it but knew after all that time someone would by it. As I was leaving the store I was walking along and what did I see?? The mirror!!! It was hanging in a different area! I was like YES!! I knew that I had to get it. I went home and decided I was going to come back this week (assuming it would still be there.) So today I went up there to make my purchase and the sales lady saw me as I walked through the door and said I looked like I was on a mission. I told her what I was there for and how my parents almost got it for me last year and she said she remembered because she was the one who helped them. She said they had the hardest time deciding and that she was so glad that it was still there and that I was finally getting it! Talk about meant to be!!

What makes this story even better is that she also told me that the mirror was now 50% OFF & all I could say was: SOLD!!!!

I'm so excited and I like I said . . . talk about meant to be! After almost a year this mirror was STILL there! It's going in my dining room on a wall that needs something large like this! I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow!!!! I will post pics once we hang it!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back to Blogging & Updates

I have not been on my blog or done any kind of update for 2 months now - which is rare for me. But I have been so busy and since I am now doing social media for 2 companies, I don't have much blogging energy left for own personal blog. (As I am typing this hubby just said "You're actually doing your blog?!?!) I know it's been a while when he's saying that! He used to give me heck about how often I was on my blog.

I love blogging and updating my own personal page, but when things get so busy, it becomes and chore and I've decided that I will do it when I have time, but I'm not going to stress or worry about it if I don't!

That said - some good things have been happening at The Nabors house! M got a promotion!! It has been something he has been working towards for a while and when he found out a few weeks ago I was just SO happy for him and for us! I am so thankful!!

The day I got the call that M got the job, I ran around looking for a new leather laptop bag for him to take to work. I have been wanting to get him one for a while and I was on a mission! I finally found one, got it wrapped then went looking for some nice pens! I got him some super nice pens that write like a dream. I also planned on taking him to dinner that night to celebrate! We went to a fab place here called Mesquite Chop house and enjoyed great food and drinks!

{us before the celebration dinner}

I have also taken on a new project for along with my job at the magazine. I am doing some Corporate Styling for a company and that along with my work for the mag is keeping me quite busy!!

Before M started his new job - he had a week off and we enjoyed that week running around and going to a local festival. We never have free time to do those types of things and so we really enjoyed that time together!

And while I'm uploading a few pics - here are more from the past month . . .

{before heading to a reception for friends of ours who recently got married in Napa Valley}

{The couple who got married are middle aged and have everything but I still wanted to get them something, so I put together a "Napa" themed basket for them. Their reception had a wine theme so I made an "m" for their last name out of wine corks, bought some cooking oils from Napa Valley (they like to cook), wine glasses and a great candle. I hope they liked it!!}

And over the weekend, hubby and I went to dinner with some good friends of ours! I tried a new look and did a nude lip - still not sure about it, but think I kind of liked it for a change!

The only other update I have is that my parents are moving to DALLAS and I'm so excited!! My Dad got a promotion and so they are relocating! I'm so happy because they will now be only 7 hours away instead of 13, and it's Dallas!! Can we say SHOPPING?!?! So looking forward to it!!

That's all for now! I'm afraid I may not be very good about leaving comments these days, but I'll try my best. I know that if I'm not leaving comments on other blogs, I may not get many comments in return, but that's A-OK!

Hope everyone is doing well! I have missed all my sweet blogger friends!!