Thursday, August 27, 2009

I <3 Good Day's Off!!

Okay, so I'm posting twice in one day, which I normally don't do - but my earlier post was just kind of fun, now this one is just about yours truly. I was off work today & had a really good day! Since I work on the weekends quite a bit, sometimes my days off are during the week. Mike was off today too (he also works weekends - our schedules stink!) and I love us being off on the same day and waking up together! It's so nice! Usually he leaves to go to work before I get up, so I love us sleeping in a little and getting up together!  We had breakfast together, I drank my usual 2 cups of coffee and then got ready for my class at 1:00. Went to class and then after that Mike and I went to the gym. We used to go together ALL the time when we were dating, but this past year our schedules have been so crazy we don't normally get to go together, plus I just haven't been going like I used to. He usually goes 4-5 times a week and since he's into the weight lifting thing he is usually working out with his buddies. He did his thing today and I went and did some cardio. I went up and down the steps to the the 2nd level of the gym. I did it probably about 25 times (these are like 3 flights) but in intervals of 5. In between I would go up and power walk around the track. This really got my heart going and made me sweat! I usually rotate the treadmill, elliptical and StairMaster when I do cardio, but today I decided to change it up a bit. I enjoyed it even more too because I found my ipod (that I haven't used in over a year) the other day. I had to work on it and do some updates for it to work again. Normally I only use it at the gym, and I had forgotten about it for quite a while and when I had gone to the gym I just hated working out without it. So now I have it again and it makes the workouts so much better. After that M and I hooked up again and did arms together. They will probably be sore tomorrow! 

After the gym we came home and had lunch and chilled a little bit, then M had to get ready to go to class. After he left I picked up, did a little laundry and started on dinner. Usually during the week with my schedule, I don't always get home early enough to cook a big meal. I mean I cook probably 5 or 6 times a week, but some nights it's something so quick and easy that I don't even consider it really cooking. But 2 or 3 times a week I try to really cook a good meal. Tonight we had Brown Sugar Baked Ham, biscuits (which I only ate a small bite of) deviled eggs, mixed veggies, mini twice baked "jalapeno" potatoes, and for desert - simple Apple Tarts.  Mike bought a big bag of Granny Smith Apples last week, so I decided to use some of them tonight. It was a really good little desert! We had baked potatoes the other night, so I had some left over and used them to make my mini twice baked potatoes. I added the jalapeno & it made them so so yummy! After dinner I went out and walked a little. I am surprised I felt like it after already working out today, but I did! Trying to get this bod in shape. I'm hoping that I will sleep really good tonight. I usually do when I get back into my work out routine! 

So that was my day, nothing too exciting, but for me - it was just a good day. I spent time with my hubby, worked out, cooked dinner and now relaxing a little. Just a simple, great day off! I am thankful for these days! 


Sole Matters said...

um, wow that dinner sound GOOD!!!! kudos to you for working out, doing everything else you did, and then going walking!

Annie said...

sounds like a perfect day!

& oh my goodness!! your meal looks so good!
the little dessert is so cute! i want some!
i really need to attempt to make twice baked potatoes, i've never made them.
do you have a good recipe?!

Jennifer said...

I'll be over tonight for leftovers. :)