Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Buddy Holly Museum

We are in West Texas visiting my parents this week and while it is pretty hot here, it is much more bearable than the heat we have at home, which includes a lot of humidity!!

Today we went out and about, ate lunch, then went to downtown Lubbock to the Buddy Holly museum. Buddy Holly's trademark was his glasses and at the museum they have a giant pair of glasses! I have been wanting to go by and see the museum for over a year now and every time I come and visit my parents, I've never gone. But today, I did!!

{hubby and I in the glasses}

{Dad and hubby}

It was a fun afternoon and I have many more pics to come. I so enjoy being with my parents! It has been such an adjustment having them live so far away, but when we get together, we always have the best time!!

{Me and Mom enjoying the afternoon, riding around with the boys!}

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Heart Vacays & . . .

I heart vacays!

I REALLY heart cover ups!! Lol!!

I heart relaxing afternoons by the pool catching some Texas rays!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Happy Couple: The Gibbs

2 weekends ago we attended a wedding for friends of ours Collin & Shelly! Collin and M work together and he was one of M's best men in our wedding 3 years ago.

Collin and Shelly are the cutest couple and we are so very happy for them!

The wedding was beautiful, as well as the reception!!

When you entered the reception, the long flower arrangements was AMAZING!!

Hubby & The Groom

Instead of doing favors, the couple did such a cool thing and made a donation to St. Jude! They had lovely table setup for the guests with cards explaining what they had done! It was so cool!

It was such a great night! Congrats to The Gibbs!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chicago Bound!

Tomorrow I will be heading to Chicago! I am going with a friend of mine who is making the trip for work, but also to have some fun girl time too!

I'm super excited because I've never been to Chicago! All I know of Chicago is what I've seen in movies and the fact that "Chicago" the Broadway play is my favorite play of ALL time!! My parents and several of my friends have been to Chicago, so I'm looking forward to it! I've had a lot of recommendations sent to me as far as cool places to go, restaurants, bars, etc. - but would love to know more! So if any of you know of some great places in the windy city, let me know!!

Have a great week and I'll shall return with details of my trip and hopefully some great photos too!

Friday, July 15, 2011

J'Lo and the Big "D"

Have you heard the news??? J'Lo and Marc Anthony are splittsville! That's right, they are getting Divorced! Wish I could say I am shocked - but I rarely think anyone in Hollywood will stay together these days! It's pretty rare, heck - it's becoming rare for couples to stay together in the real world too - which is sad!

Wonder who's arm she will be on next?Any guesses??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Fun at Rehab Disco

Over the 4th of July weekend while my parents were in town, my Mother and I attended at birthday party at the fun Rehab Disco here in downtown Memphis! We had a blast!!

{Mom and I before heading downtown. My hair is down, can you all believe it?? I don't wear it down much, especially in the summer since it's SO humid here and my hair is naturally curly. Unfortunately once we got out on the dance floor - I had to pull it back, but at least I wore it down for a little while!}

The party was on the bottom floor which is called "Rock bottom!" Now I can say I have been to "rehab" and hit "rock bottom!" haha

The owner JJ made sure everything was perfect for the party and kept checking on everyone throughout the night to make sure everyone had anything and everything they needed!

{The AWESOME owner and friend JJ}

{A few of us girls}

It was such a fun night and great way to start the festivities for the holiday weekend.

Good times!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clutch Love

I love clutches!! I always have, but for some reason lately I am really enjoying carrying them! Maybe because it is summer and I don't feel like carrying a large bag around. I need to share some of the clutches I have - but until then, here are some that I'm also quite fond of and wouldn't mind having!!

{photos via}

How about you, are you a clutch fan?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th with my Fam!

I had my family together over the holiday weekend and I was loving every minute of it!! My parents got to come home from Texas and my brother also came home from Nashville! I love when we are all together!

We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs on the 3rd and they were oh so good! I decorated the table a little bit. Nothing elaborate, but cute.

{My adorable lil bro enjoyin his burger!}

{for dessert, we had banana splits . . . one of my all time favs!}

{on the 4th, we had to go to Little Rock to take my Mom to the airport because she had to fly on home because she had to work the next day. We decided to make a day of it and spend some time in Little Rock, since we lived there when I was a little girl. I got this hat at Target and before we left to head to LR, I came out and made my family think I was going to embarrass them by wearing it all day! It was pretty funny!}

{we stopped by the William J. Clinton Library for a bit}
{my beautiful family - minus hubby who spent some time with his family that afternoon}

{my Dad, brother and me}

{we headed down to the River Market and grabbed some lunch at Flying Fish}


{Me & my bro, Casey}

{Loved these American Flag paintings I saw - had to get a picture of them!}

{me and mom - it was super hot and sunny!!}

{after we took Mom to the airport, me and my brother and dad drove around LR for a little while, got some frozen yogurt, drove by my parents first home that I lived in till I was 7, and then my Dad took us by this house - which was where my Mom lived for a while with her family when she was a little girl. I had never seen it, but thought it was SO adorable!!! Even now, over 40 years later!}

{as we headed back to Memphis, Dad let me pick some tunes in his iPod - so I played some festive songs to get us in the 4th of July spirit!}

{Finally we got home and got to spend part of the 4th with my honey! He found my hat and enjoyed sportin it! I couldn't stop laughing!!}

Hope all of you had a fab 4th as well!! I can't believe how the summer is already flying by!!