Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Mamasita!

Today is my Mom's Birthday! She is 51 and looks AMAZING!! I only hope I can look as good as she does when I'm her age! I am so lucky to have her! She has done everything for me, my brother and my dad! I can truly say that she is my best friend! 

Since she is here, I put together  a cute little tray for her when she got up this morning. I layed out a coffee cup, a blueberry bagel from the bakery, a card, some flowers I put together with lemons and limes, and then a magazine she loves.  I also put a vase of roses with lemons in the guest bathroom and then on the kitchen table. Just like me, she loves fresh flowers, so I made 3 arrangements for her to enjoy. I had a party at work last night at the store and didn't get home till late. I had to bake her cake, so I stayed up really late doing that, then let it cool overnight and then iced and decorated it today when I got up before going to work. I had asked her what kind of cake she wanted and she said Banana - so I made a Banana cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I just had a little piece a few minuets ago and I have to say it was SOO good! It was so moist and had just the right amount of banana flavor. I used 4 bananas when I made it and I wasn't sure if it would have enough or too much banana flavor - but it is just right!  Before I went to work I ran and got her a gift certificate for a Mani and then went and got her 3 bottles of wine and then some candles. She enjoys her candles just like I do, so I stocked her up on them.  She loved the wine I picked out! She always LOVES wine, so instead of getting her clothes or jewelry like I normally do for her birthday, I decided to do wine this year. I got her 3 nice bottles that she wouldn't normally buy for herself unless it's a special occasion. She loved it and is looking forward to enjoying them this weekend. 

I can feel my eyes getting heavy as I'm typing. I stayed up way too late baking the cake and then cleaning up (hate that part) so I think bed is calling my name soon. It was a good day though, kind of rushed and hectic - but good! Mike came out to the store tonight and we went to dinner when I got off around 8. I love it when he does that because I kind of feel like he is picking me up for a date - which is fun sometimes rather then leaving the house together. I always like seeing him, so handsome, walking up to the store. It's just fun and makes me feel like I did when we were first dating!  We love trying new restaurants so we did tonight and went to a place called Interim.  It was really good! I had Seared Yellowfin Tuna and Mike had a Penne Pasta! It was all so good and we will definitely go back!  

My Dad didn't think he was going to make it home this weekend, which he hated since it was my Mom's birthday, but she is going to TX next weekend so they were just going to see each other then. But - at the last minuet he got a flight and so he will be here this weekend! I know she is excited about that! So I am looking forward to a weekend with the fam and the continued celebration and festivities of my Mom's Birthday! 

        My beautiful Mother at my Wedding! 

Mom & I at my Bachelorrette Party

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show us Your Wedding Party

I am participating in a fun blog hop started by Kelly's Korner where we are all showing our Wedding Party/Flowers.

Our Wedding took place Downtown Memphis, TN at the Cadre on December 29, 2007 at 7 p.m. My colors where black and white. I had originally thought I was going to have my bridesmaids wear black dresses of some sort, but then as I was looking for dresses, I saw this gorgeous black and white dress with a satin sash. I knew this was it! I had one of my girls come and try it on and she loved it too! I was a little hesitant at first because the skirt was a little bigger then what you see bridesmaid's wear these days - but since it was a night wedding and in such a beautiful, elegant building, I thought that it would be just fine! I'm so glad I went with those dresses because it is different then any others I have seen and since it was 2 pieces, most of the girls have worn the top since. I love the top and have yet to borrow it from one of them! Got to do that! I stuck with white flowers of all kinds too: roses, dahlias, spider mums, peonies, and my favorite, orchids. The guys had orchids for their boutonnieres. The isle was lined with branch candelabras and white rose petals, which I loved! The floor was black concrete so the white rose petals really showed up and looked gorgeous! I mentioned some of the music in our last post. We had a small string quartet that played as guests were being seated and then had 2 gorgeous songs performed, one before the ceremony and one during. The one during was "The Prayer" and during that time Mike and I lit our unity candle, then came down the steps and went to each of our parents and gave them a hug and thanked them for everything. It was quite emotional, but such a beautiful moment! I love watching it on video!

The beautiful Cadre Building, downtown Memphis where our ceremony and reception was held
Guest Book Table

Mike and my brother being silly

I LOVE this photo of Mike and his groomsmen. The guy in the middle, standing is my younger brother.

Mike reading his gift from me.

The gorgeous view before I walked down the isle

My bouquet

Mike and my brother, Casey waiting before the Ceremony begins
My sweet cousin and usher rolled out the carpet for me
Remembrance chairs for my Grandparents (my Mother's Parents.)

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nabors

Mike and I with my Uncle Kevin, who is a Pastor and performed our ceremony! That was very special to us!!
Me and my BFF Ashley
A few of the girls taking a load off!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I <3 Black Nail Polish!!

I  am sitting here waiting for my fingers and toes to dry. I just painted them black and I LOVE it! 75% of the time I have my nails painted either Marshmallow, or Black . . . . . for a while now it's been black. Usually I only wore black during fall and winter, but I noticed a long time ago that it was being worn year around. I love it with pretty much everything I wear and I also think it can give most outfits or looks a slight edge - which I like! I think it is bold and classy at the same time. It looks so nice for formal occasions with a little black dress as well as everyday dress

It's funny when I think back many years ago when I was a teen and came home with black nails. My Dad asked me if I was going Goth?? ha ha ha! I think he was half kidding, half serious, but he was not diggin the black nails. That was usually my luck - I would start doing something before it became super popular and everyone was doing it or wearing it but would stop until it came back around because others around me thought I was crazy. Then once everyone started doing it - it was okay again. Funny how that works isn't it?!?

It seems celebs are still into the black nail polish too. Lauren Conrad almost always has hers painted black and I just love it! BTW . . . Conrad is my last name (well Maiden name) - I bet we are related somehow down the line!!! Seriously! How awesome would that be?? But since I am older, I was the first "LC!" LOL

Oh and one last funny thing: I posted my title and then 5 minuets later found the t-shirt that said "I <3 black nail polish . . . just thtought that was kinda ironic and funny. Especially when I used the heart symbol! Maybe it's a sign that I need that T-shirt! ;)

Flossing . . .

I just got back from getting my pearly whites cleaned at the Dentist! I was supposed to go months ago but had to cancel and then never made an appointment again. I knew I was way over due so I called Monday and luckily they had something open this morning, so I went. It would've been late September if I had not gone today! Everything looked good, no cavities! YAY! I have only had one cavity in my life! I think I take after my Dad. He had his first one a few years ago. Now - about flossing . . . Mike is always griping at me and telling me that I need to floss! I do it every few weeks (is that bad????) but I am not an "everyday" flosser. He is though - just about everyday he is flossing. I don't know why, it is just never been something I have gotten in the habit of doing daily. I am very particular about my teeth and obsessed with them being white and clean, but when it comes to flossing - I just don't do it a lot. I need to be better I guess. At the same time, my teeth were perfectly fine today and my Dentist said "Everything looks just beautiful!" So ha! I wonder if Mike's Dentist tells him the same thing?!?! LOL!  So for not flossing every single day - I think I am doing just fine, otherwise I probably would be hearing about it from my Dentist! Now if I could just get the gritty taste out of my mouth . . . . 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Show n' Tell Tuesday: ABRACADABRA: Fine Interchangeable Jewelry!


Tell: I think we all have a few nice pieces of jewelry sitting in our jewelry box that we only wear when it matches our outfit, or for special occasions, but not everyday, right? Wouldn't it be nice if you could take that piece of jewelry that you love and take it apart and turn it into an everyday ring or add an accent piece to match your outfit each day? Just like that:Abracadabra! Well there is such a thing and  I work for the company!  It is called "Charlotte" in Germantown, TN. All of the jewelry is by one, fourth generation designer, Wolf Peter Schwarz from Germany. He is an amazing designer and artist and gets his inspiration from his beautiful wife, Anne Charlotte.

 Not only is all of the jewelry, beautiful, genuine, and the highest of quality, but (wait for it . . .) it is INTERCHANGEABLE!! I know this is hard to grasp, it is for many until they actually see it for themselves or come in the store. Basically all of our rings, necklaces, earring, bracelets - everything is interchangeable. It is kind of like you can design your own jewelry and change it whenever you want, some do everyday. For example, someone buys one of our rings and then they can always change the center stone or add an accent piece around their stone. They can have a gemstone such as Amethyst, then change it to a Pearl, Onyx, Amber, Carnelian, Turquoise, Smoky Quartz, Diamond . . . . the list goes on and on. And those are just the stones. There are thousands of bezels and accent discs that can go under a stone. So you can have a simple pearl ring for the day, then add a diamond or sapphire bezel to your ring for night. It's fabulous! It is also fun and special because for those special occasions, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Mother's Day,  any occasion, family friends or your significant other can come in and get you a piece to add to your collection. The other great part is that there are only TWO stores in the U.S. There are well over 100 world wide, but at this time only 2 are here in the States. I personally like this because it makes it more exclusive. I am not one that likes having everything that everyone has! I like different unique things, and that is exactly what this is! 

There are so many other fascinating, magical details I could tell about the jewelry and the company, but I will leave it with this last interesting fact. When the designer, Wolf Peter was young and started designing and working for his family business as a 4th generation jeweler and goldsmith, he went to work for the Royal Family of Sweden. It was there that the ladies of the Royal Family mentioned that they would love for there to be way for them to be able to take their Tiara's and turn them into a brooch when they were not wearing them. This got WP thinking and he worked and discovered a way for this to happen. So when it was necessary for certain functions, the ladies wore their Tiara's, then when they were not having to wear them, they could take the middle of their Tiara apart and wear it as a brooch! When he did this, it was like a light bulb went off in his head and it was the beginning of his inspiration to create interchangeable jewelry for all people, not just Royals. 

Not only do women get to enjoy and wear the jewelry, but there are things for men: rings, bracelets, cuff links . . . all interchangeable! The photos I shared are a SMALL SMALL glimpse to all of the designs and possibilities of this jewelry world. To see more you can go to the company web-site: Our store is on Facebook, Charlotte Fine Jewelry of Memphis - so if you are on FB too, find us and become a fan! 

     Designer Wolf Peter Schwarz