Thursday, August 27, 2009

Celebs Photoshopped: Before & After

Recently Kelly Clarkson has come out and spoken about her photo on the cover of SELF magazine and how it was photoshopped. You can read the article here. She is not happy about it at all. My thing is - why did SELF magazine get KC if they wanted someone to be thinner in the first place? Sometimes I think when we are looking at photos of celebs in magazines or on-line we think "WOW - they look perfect." But in reality, they are people just like us, with flaws, not so perfect skin, a zit, birthmark, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, a little extra skin or flab here and there, etc. etc. Looking at these photos made me remember this, that they are regular people! They just have the opportunity to look flawless in photos. Technology has a come a long way as far as photo editing and while us regular folks can do a few tweaks here and there with our normal photo editors, the celebs have their pics done with the BEST photoshopping out there. Sometimes I wonder how good I could make some of my pics look if I had access to that kind of photoshopping. But at the same time, would that really be me?? It would be kind of fun to play around with though . . . .make my arm, leg and tummy look a little smaller - that would be so nice! ha ha! I'm not going to lie!

Some of these photos are kind of shocking, whereas a few others I still think look fine they way they were before.

Back to Kelly Clarkson and the photoshopped thing . . . . it's stupid that they made her look all slim and trim when everyone knows she has put on weight this past year. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's stupid to put a photo out there of her that clearly has been touched up. It's too far from how she really looks. On the other hand, KC could hire someone to do a better job when it comes to what she wears. I think it's not only about your size or weight, but also about the clothes you wear. Some things are more flattering then others. Even if you have a little more to love, you can find clothes that flatter your body and even make you look slimmer. I know we all have had our days where we put something on in the morning and then at some point in your day catch a glimpse of yourself and think "This outfit does nothing for me, yuk!" I hate it when that happens, then you feel self conscious all day long and want to hide. ha ha! I'm sure even celebs have those days too!

KC has put on some weight (just as I have since I got married a year and a half ago . .ugghh) and she is a pretty girl! But if she wore some clothes that flattered her a little more, people might not talk about it so much. I mean, look at some of her outfits - they do NOTHING for her! Plus, it's not like she doesn't have money for clothes! I mean, she is a celebrity, she has the $$ to get clothes anywhere and from any designer . . . . so why is she wearing things that do not flatter her??

Overall, you don't have to be a stick to be a beautiful woman. Personally, I think a woman that has more of a curvy figure is sexier! It's just about how you choose to accentuate certain parts of your body. I have never been "skinny" and never will be - that's just not how my body is. I have been "thin" but I know that with my body type, I am always going to have to watch my weight. It's not fun admitting it, but it's just how it is. But even if I could be really skinny, I personally would not want to be. For one, I know Mike would not like it at all, and two - I just don't find that attractive and I don't think I would feel as attractive. I would like to be thinner then I am now of course, but who wouldn't right? I have had some very skinny friends that wished they could put on weight and have more of a curvy figure - so those of us who are curvy, remember that next time you wish you were skinny. All in all, whether you are skinny or have more to love, embrace what you have!


In this wonderful life... said...

I think curvy women are beautiful just as equally as someone stick then! I think photos should not be so edited and just show the truth! Perhaps this would teach girls earlier in life to embrace what they have ya know? sick really!

Ashley said...

Yikes, Kelly looks awful. Do you think maybe she doesn't realize it? OR maybe she's trying to make a statement that being thin isn't "in"... I don't get it but I would be wearing something a little better to flatter by tub, and that big badonka donk! YIKES!

Agree, a little curve is nice! I love it! Im no perfect size 2 and I like it!

GREAT post again Linz, Im loving these!

Magatha-May said...

I really hate how much photoshopping is done on celebrity photos. Well said Lindsey.

Annie said...

i don't think photoshopping is right either...sends out a bad message. celebs are not perfect either, they are human.

kelly does just need some clothes that will suit her body, the stuff she is wearing is!

hope you have a great weekend girly!! :)

Lucinda said...

Wow, amazing. Although Penelope looks pretty good in both pics. It reminds me of the Youtube video of the women and what she looked like before the retouching, crazy how our standards of beauty are based off imagery that isn't real!