Monday, February 28, 2011


Three Words . . . . . . .




I am pretty much obsessed with this game! I love it! It's fun and I feel like its a good little exercise for my brain! Not long ago I got a 160 point word!! I was SO excited (sad I know!) I will say, that there are "words" I have come up with throughout this game that I had no idea really was a word, while at the same time I try to place a word that I KNOW is a word, and it wont accept it - that frustrates me.

But overall, I LOVE this game! I recently introduced a couple people to it and now they are playing all the time!! If any of you have an iPhone then you probably know what I'm talking about, if not - then just ignore this (although you are truly missing out!!)

If you want to play WORDS with me, send me your username!! I can never have too many "Words with Friends!!"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back from SEASIDE

I'm back from Seaside!! We got back Friday afternoon. It was a great trip and I cannot wait for the next issue of Southern Bride Magazine to come out and for all of you to see the amazing fashion shots we got in Seaside!! I also made 4 great new friends. 3 of them live here in Memphis and I am SO excited to get together with them soon!!

I got so many personal pictures that I am still trying to go through and upload as we speak! So I will share those this week! We stayed in the most incredible house and all had our own bedroom! It was great and such a great location as far as walking to the beach and all the shops and restaurants in Seaside. To see some photos of our trip, visit the Southern Bride Magazine Facebook page - I am working on posting more to that as well.

I will share one photo with you that I took while I was there. It was in the middle of a tablescape photo shoot we were doing off the beach. I took this photo and I'm thinking it just might be frame worthy! I've played around with coloration and I can't decide how I like it best. Which one do you like best?


Friday, February 18, 2011

Beach Bound

Guess where I'm headed tomorrow??? Santa Rosa Beach, FLORIDA!! Seaside to be exact! I am going with about 4 other ladies from Southern Bride Magazine.

We are going to be having a photoshoot next week so tomorrow morning we will be headed that way to prepare for that! I am looking forward to it! While it is still work, we also know how to have fun - which is great!! We will have plenty of wine, and hopefully the weather will be nice too!

Hope all of you have a great weekend!! Ta ta for now!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The BEST Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!! I certainly did!! We decided to stay in last night and not mess with the crowd at restaurants. I was perfectly happy to stay in and enjoy a quiet romantic, Valentine's night together!!

{Mike bought me some beautiful flowers instead of having some sent to me! I actually loved this more because I got twice the flowers I would have gotten if he had ordered them! Not to say I never want him to surprise me with some flowers, but so much of the money goes into the delivery and a vase that's usually not very pretty, so I was so happy he did what he did!!}

{I cam home for lunch and M had a gift basket waiting for me and a c.d on top. He called me and told me to listen to song #2 on my way back to work, and I did. It was "I Thought I Loved You Then" by Brad Paisley. It made me cry, and I mean really cry!! I'm not always like that, but everything about the song was SO true and SO us!! I had to collect myself before I went back in to work, ha ha! But I did call & I left him a voicemail thanking him for the c.d! He used to make me c.d.'s when we were dating and so this was such a surprise and the best gift he could ever give me!! Better than anything he could ever buy!!}

{This was our little Valentine's set up. Since we were staying in, I thought I would ad a few cute valentine's touches!}


{My adorable Valentine!!}

{He got us Sushi for a little appetizer before dinner! My fav!!}

{Another thing he surprised me with was my very favorite treat - chocolate covered strawberries!! They were soooo good!!}

{Enjoyin some wine!!}

{My sweethearts!!}

{M cooking us dinner!!}

{He cooked Salmon, a crab cake, and some veggies for me!}

{He had Chicken Parmesan, twice baked potato and veggies}

{Love him!!}

{Dessert time!!}

{Petit Fours!!}
{Mr. Big was trying to get into our sweets and I was telling him no sir! He was really wanting one obviously! But he had his own little treats.}

{Raspberry filling . . . yummm}

{Instead of getting cards for each other, we decided to write little notes . . . "love notes" I guess you could say. I got some paper and we cut hearts out for our notes. M even helped cut them out!! Such a sport!! I secretley think he liked it because when I told him I would cut the rest he said no, that he would cut more, haha}

{Love notes}

{Then we ended our night by listening to the awesome c.d. he made me. He had songs by Brad Paisley, Jason Mraz and Colby Caillat to name a few}

I think it was just about the BEST Valentine's Day we have ever had. All of them have been good, but it was nice to just be at home, relax and spend time together!! I loved it and I love him more than words could ever say! I am so incredibly blessed to have him!! Cupid knew what he was doing!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

L.o.v.e. on a Snow Day

Today I worked from home to due the weather and hubby got to stay home too! I loved us being together all day. We both stayed in our PJ's and it was SO nice!! I did some work, then got a little bored in the afternoon and started playing around with a couple Valentine's things I have. I have some cute blocks that spell different words, and did a few things with those.

I still have my bittersweet berry wreath up in our living room. I figured it's still winter and I can keep it up a little longer.

This is an entry table in the little hallway right by our bedroom. Perfect place for a little "l.o.v.e!"

For dinner last night, as the snow was coming down, I fixed some yummy pasta. This was M's plate. I also made him some chicken and broccoli to go with it, but the plate was just too cute and had to share it!!

As for the snow, I got out in it a little. I took our doggie, Mr. Big out and he LOVED it!!!

Huge snow flakes coming down in our neighborhood!! Loved it!!

Mr. Big having a blast running around in the snow!

Digging in the snow!

Time to go in Mr. Big!! I know almost all doggies are cute, but is this not the CUTEST face ever??? I just want to squeeze him!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Kardashian/Jenner Family

I am usually pretty good about staying on top of my celebrity news, but I guess over the holidays I missed the fact that the Kardashian/Jenner family had a fabulous Christmas Card! Did any of you see it? Normally I watch E! and Entertainment Tonight and know what's going on, but this slipped right by me. I recently saw the card and some other photos form their "Christmas card" session a couple weeks ago. I love their style and I happen to think that they are a pretty cool family! Yes some of them are crazy at times and I like some over others, but aren't we all crazy at times ourselves?

Here is their Christmas Card . . .

And a few more shots from their photo session . . .

According to Kim & Khloe, Christmas cards have always been a really big deal in the Kardashian family and a tradition they carry out year after year.

Personally ,I think they all look simply fabulous and glamorous. After all, they are in Hollywood!!

{Their photos were taken by the talented Nick Saglimbeni}

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spread the L.O.V.E.

Valentine's Day is officially in 1 week!! We don't have any big plans I don't think. We may just stay in and get some good food and chill. We've gone out to dinner in the past, which is a lot of fun, but sometimes restaurants are very crowded and I am just as happy staying home with my honey. Even if we do stay home, I have a few surprises up my sleeve and will make it super cute and full of L.O.V.E! What do you all have planned?

Since V-Day is right around the corner, I thought I would share a little Valentine's Day card I put together. Who says you have to be in elementary school to do Valentine's Day cards, right?

When I was single and not dating anyone around Valentine's Day, I really didn't get too bummed out. I know a lot of people do (some don't want to admit it) but don't get down about it! It's just a really good excuse to eat even more chocolate AND not having to spend money on a gift for someone else. ha ha! Go spend it on yourself!!

I was very lucky though, because my Mom ALWAYS got me some treats and gifts for Valentine's Day. Even after I was married, she would still have some goodies for me and my hubby! I guess the fact that she always did something for me over the years and at times when I didn't really have a "valentine" I never felt like I was missing out!! I never thought about it till just now, but thanks to her, I always felt like I had a great Valentine's Day (even when I was single) because I always had some goodies and it was always from someone I loved and who loved me back! Who says Valentine's Day is for significant others? It can be with family, friends, anyone! Think of someone you know who may not have a Valentine, and do something sweet for them, even if it's as simple as a card! That may warm the heart just as much or even more than receiving gifts from a significant other!

Super Bowl Fixins for 2

Did everyone enjoy watching the Super Bowl? We did! We stayed home and watched it. M had to work today and didn't get off till 5. We were going to go to a friends house for a Super Bowl party and had also thought about having a few people over, but since he was working and since I have had a busy, tiring week after being out of town, we thought staying in sounded good.

Even though it was a night in for us, I still wanted to have a fun little Super Bowl spread, so we had our very own Super Bowl Party for 2! M was routing for Green Bay and luckily I had quite a bit of yellow and green, so it worked out perfect!

{we had mini burgers}

{then I made Crack dip (the one with cream cheese, sausage & rotel) along with chips. It's hubby's fav!! It's seriously like crack, cuz you can't stop eating it. Not that I would know what crack is like, but ya know . . .}

{a few sweets}

{GO Packers Go}

{we had a few wings too}

{and then some baked beans}

{and for dessert, a "Green Bay" frozen treat. I made it with cool whip and a few crushed M&M's. It was good and since I used frozen cool whip instead of icecream, it wasn't too bad for you either.}

So that was our night! After the Super Bowl we watch the Puppy Bowl! Do any of you ever watch that? It's SO cute!! I think I like it more than the actual Super Bowl!! Oh and how bout Christina Aguilara and that half time show?? I have never been a fan of Christina, and tonight just confirmed that for me! She tries to belt it out to much and it just doesn't sound good!! The chick form Glee did better than her! And the half time show was okay. They played all the BEP songs I love, but the live performance wasn't too hot. I know it's easier said than done though and it's not the easiest thing to get up and sing and dance in a live show - but since they are entertainers, I guess I expect more from them.

So what did you all do for the Super Bowl and what are your opinions on the performances?? Do tell!