Monday, November 30, 2009

Coach is on my Christmas list!

The other night Mike and I were talking about Christmas and he asked for a few ideas.
I work 2 doors down from Coach and have noticed a few things in their window.

I am a hat person so I LOVE both of these. But I think I would just need one, probably black!

They had some scarves in the window the other day that I loved too & in a array of colors!!

I LOOOVE these leather gloves with a silk lining!
I specifically showed Mike these bracelets. I have been wanting one really nice, real gold bangle for a while. Something I will wear forever. I think I like the first one the best I think. It is thinner but then again the other 2 are quite nice! Later I'd like to have a couple silver ones
too, then I could wear them all together. But for now, the gold one is what I am wanting!
There are many other things I like, but I'd say the bracelet and hat are on the top of my list from Coach!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving day we went to Jackson, TN to my Grandmother's house. Everyone took a dish and my Grandma did the Turkey. This was the first year we have done this, but I think it was a really good idea & made it easier on my Grandma. It was a good day. This was one of the first Thanksgiving's that I didn't feel like I ate entirely too much. With that said, I think I have made up for it over the weekend. I have eat too much left over dressing, bread, and sweets. So I have GOT to get back into my healthier routine this week. But hey - that's what the holidays are for, right?

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! We are putting our tree up tonight, so maybe later in the week I will have it decorated and ready to show pics!!

It has been a Nabor's tradition for a few years now that we get a Pumpkin Spice Latte on our way out of town for Thanksgiving. The latte & Christmas music makes the drive so much fun!!

My Grandpa and his doggie Miya!! He loves her so much!!!!
My little bro enjoying the yummy sparkling cider Grandma had.

All of the Grandkids!!
The dessert table at Grandma's!
Grandpa & Grandma love making Miya do tricks. Miya likes doing them too because then she gets a treat! They sing a song and she dances . . ha ha

My brother Casey & Mike
The Nabors
Mike and my brother had to leave to get back to Memphis. I stayed for the rest of the day with my parents. My Dad was telling them bye. I snapped a pic just as he was giving my brother a hug! They were laughing about something too. Cute!!

Oh & so long to the Fall Decorations. I keep my fall decor out till Thanksgiving . . .

My Mom baked a lot and there is nothing like the smell of yummy things in the oven!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving: Past & Present

I was going through some pics on my computer and found a few from the last 2 Thanksgivings and thought I would share those pictures. We always go to my Grandparents house (my Dad's parents) for Thanksgiving in Jackson, TN. Luckily, now that we live in TN - it only takes us about an hour to get there. That is so much better then the 8 hours it used to take us from AR.

Thanksgiving Last Year at my Grandparents House:
My Mom & little brother Casey - although he's not so little anymore.
Me & my BroThanksgiving 2 years ago, a month before Mike and I got married. We were at this Inn in Jackson and thought it was a good place to take a few pictures out front since they had it decorated for Christmas.
Time I am able to spend with my family - so precious!
Home, where no matter what kind of day I have, I can always come home
America - where I am able to live and have freedom
Nabors - the family name I married into and proud to have
Kisses, having someone to give kisses to and get them in return
Smile, thankful for all the reasons I have to smile
God's Grace, something I am not worthy of having
Imperfections because I am perfectly imperfect
Values, something my parents worked hard to instill in us
Inspiration from my parents and those around me who I learn from each day
Needs and the way Lord provides me with all I need
Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Show 'N Tell Tuesday: Last Years Christmas Cards



These are my Christmas cards from last year. The 2nd one I did first & while I liked it, I decided to do another one too - which is the first card. That first one was my favorite! Since last December was our first wedding Anniversary, I wanted to use images from our wedding because I knew after that I wouldn't be able to. But I loved our cards. The 2nd card was the first one I did and I used a really cute little saying along with the pictures. The pictures are of Mike and I walking downtown and as we were walking he jumped up in the air and clicked his heels together (like you've seen in old movies, ha.) So I put on the card "We hope you have a reason to kick up you heels this season!" Kinda silly, but I thought it was cute!

So those were my Christmas cards for 2008. Still trying to decide on the ones to send out this Christmas. I need to get on the ball, but I still have a little more time. I love Christmas cards and last year when I did our cards I decided that I am going to put together a little book and each year put our Christmas card in it, so many years down the road I can get it out each Christmas and our kids can look at past Christmas cards. I think that will be fun!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Over the Weekend I . . . .

. . . got some fresh flowers, after such a long, draining week, I needed some. I love to treat myself to fresh flowers of some sort. I find them to be soothing!! I put some in our living room, but I also have some in our kitchen. If I could, I would have fresh flowers in EVERY room!!!
. . . was pleasantly surprised when I came home to find that my hubby had gone out before I got home from work - to purchase a few of my favorite candles for me! So sweet of him!!!
. . . made a yummy Pumpkin Mousse Saturday Night - it was SO good! It was so easy too - I couldn't believe how easy it was. I will have to post the recipe later.

. . . made Jambalaya, Cornbread, and Honey Mustard 'n Bacon Coleslaw (it was good!) I made this last night. We had a lot of Jambalaya leftover, so I brought some to work today! For meat I put Shrimp and then Turkey Sausage, since that's less fattening. The regular sausage is so good, but when I see how much fat it has I just can't do it. So I will be having a yummy lunch, perfect on this rainy, dreary day we are having here in TN. And I bet it will be even better since it's had time to really soak up all the flavor! yummy!!

. . . Played with Mr. Big and snapped some cute pics of him with me, my brother and my brother's doggie, Bentley

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tori & Deans Dining Room Disaster (In my opinion)

I love Tori & Dean!! When their show first aired and when I first started watching, one thing I loved about it (besides how cute they are together) was looking around at their house and how they had things decorated. After the B&B they were renting a house, but there was something about it that I loved and something about the way they had things decorated and their overall style that was just so cool to me. After that, they purchased a house - and I loved pretty much everything about that house too. But the last house they purchased and the way they decorated it left me really disappointed! I'm wondering to myself what has happened to their great sense of style???

One room in particular that I just DO NOT get is their dining room. I am all for mixing things and more of an eclectic, unique style - but this . . . . it's just horrible (I think.) There is not one or even 2 focal points in this room, the eye just goes everywhere because there is too much going on. (Again - this is only my opinion.) I actually think the one thing they could do to make this room look 100x better - would be to get rid of the wall paper and paint the room. I could see a light turquoise color on the walls - that might be a nice color with the coral fabric on the chairs. Plus it would bring out the blue in the picture and the turquoise accent you see placed on her hutch. Oh and the rug, not diggin that either - but with the wall paper gone it might not be SO bad.

I love the black table, chairs and hutch - but it's the wall paper that I think really messes this room up. Even the color of the fabric on the chairs could look good if it wasn't for the wall paper. I'm not crazy about the lamps either. The mirrored buffet is FAB!!! She has some great pieces in here, but it's just done all wrong in my opinion. I am not a designer or anything, I don't think you have to be one to know that this is not the best room in the world. It actually looks like an old lady's house who has tried to change with the times a bit - but still hanging on to her out of style, out dated decor. yikes!!! I remember watching the episode when they moved into this house and were going to reveal each room. I was SO excited to see what they had done, but then when I saw this - it was a HUGE let down to say the least!

If I remember correctly, this next photo is from her house before and this was the dining room. Not the best pic - wish it showed more. I remember watching this episode and just LOVING the dining room. But this is more my style and I love the black. This dining room looks simple yet bold at the same time - if that makes sense. I like this SO much better then the other one!!! And I LOOOVE this mirror. I have no idea where she got this one, but I have seen one pretty much identical at VCF.

I'm sure hers cost thousands of dollars, but the Botticelli Black Mirror from VCF is ONLY $399.99. I think that's a great deal considering the look it has! I mean it looks just like it!! AND it also comes in red and white!!! The red is FABULOUS and if you had the right space I think it would just be amazing!!! Hmmm . . . . maybe I should ask Santa for the black one for Christmas. I'm still working on my dining room and this style is SO me!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

UGG Love

***NOTE - My font got all messed up - so I'm sorry if it looks weird or hard to read. I don't have time to fix it now, but will later!

I am embarrassed to say that I have yet to own a pair of UGG boots. Strange - I know. I would probably have a pair if it were not for the $250 Chinchilla boots I bought about 3 years ago.

( I Like to think they are not "real" Chinchilla -but to be honest I didn't think about it at the time I purchased them - which I could just kick myself for now!)
They have been like my "UGG's" I love them so much and wear them a TON in the winter. They are SO comfortable, warm and Ilove just throwing them on! But I'm
thinking now it's time for some UGGs! Now I just
need to decide on which pair. I love the traditional,classic Chestnut or Sand color boot. It
would go with everything, that's for sure. But have you seen some of the latest UGG boots?
They are super cute!!

I'm loving these striped Cable Knit boots in B&W!!

I think they are just Fab and would love to have
a pair since I do wear so much black - but I'm thinking I need something in the brown family since
my Chinchilla boots are black and grey.

These are the new "Desoto" boots. They are really cute and the fringe on the bottom just adds the perfect little
touch!! Funny that UGG named them Desoto - because that's the name of the county I live in - hmm . . maybe it's a sign! LOL

(I'm loving these above!!! I like the bronzy color!!)

I don't think I could go wrong with the classic Tall Fancy UGG either (the 3 above) - and all of the colors/designs.

Another style I have my eye on - the Classic Cardy UGG. I love how the ones that can convert to tall or short,
and once again, all of the colors to choose from!! I think I'm leaning towards these or the Tall Fancy UGG.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Introducing . . . . Mr. Big

We have a new addition to our family . . . . .
After a few days of going back and forth on what to name him, we decided on Mr. Big!! ha ha! Which is even cuter because obviously he is not so big! The way we got him is quite surprising since most of you probably think we went & picked this little cutie out, but actually he came to us! Last Thursday my brother and I noticed this big black lab in our back yard. We've seen him before and he's a really sweet dog. My brother went out to pet him and 2 minuets later I glanced out the window and noticed he was holding a little black fur ball. He brought him in and we both could NOT believe that this little guy was out roaming around. I mean - who would let a little puppy like this out of their site??? He was dirty so we gave him a bath. We have kept our eyes opened for Lost signs in our neighborhood, but nothing. It still just baffles me!! If this was my dog, I would have had signs out everywhere and probably going door to door asking if anyone has seen him, but no signs - nothing at all. I was in LOVE with him the first day we found him, and although it hasn't even been a week yet, I am simply CRAZY about this little guy and sooooo attached.

I guess anything is possible, but I'm thinking he is probably here to stay if no one has tried to look for him. I would give him back if we did see signs, but I'm thinking if no one has put them up by now, that they are not going to. I still just don't get it??? Who would not make sure this little cutie was not getting out of the yard or something? I mean he is clearly not a "yard" dog - so I just have no clue how he would've gotten out?? I think if someone did want him back now, I'd not only have a hard time giving him back because I love him SO much - but I'd have a hard time giving him back because I don't feel like the person who did have him was responsible to begin with. I know things happen, but I still just don't get how s0me one would be oblivious enough to let him run off. He's so little and a puppy, so it's not like he's running as fast as he can to get away - he hasn't run off from us, but then again we watch him like a hawk.

I keep telling everyone that Santa came early to our house, ha ha! I don't think I could've picked out a cuter puppy if I had gone somewhere looking. We are pretty sure he is a Shitzu. Going to take him to the vet here in the next week and so we should know for sure then, as well as his age. But for now we are certainly enjoying this little guy. Mike is just CRAZY about him too and tells him "bye" and says "I love you" everyday when he goes to work, ha ha! It melts my heart!!

This pic was taken the day we found him

I took a few cute ones of him tonight!! I love my Mr. Big!!!!
My brothers dog Bentley and Mr. Big

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It has been almost a week since I have been on - -which I think is a record. Last week my
Great Aunt passed away (she was like my Grandmother growing up) and yesterday was her funeral. We had to be up around 5:30 a.m. yesterday to get ready and leave in time to be in Jackson by 9:30a.m . It was only an hour drive, but the weather was terrible, raining cats and dogs. So it was a extremely long, emotional, tiring, draining day. We didn't get home till after 11:00pm since we stayed longer to visit with family.

I had been asked if I wanted to say anything during the funeral. I normally do not like speaking in front of people at all, actually I hate it. I remember taking speech class and just thinking I was going to die if I had to get up in front of people and talk. But it got better as the class went on and while I still do not like to do it, I can if I have to. So I prepared something and did get up and speak. I knew it would mean a lot to my Mom, so that was one of the main reasons why I did it. She was so glad I did. When I have more time, I may share what I said. It will also be a good way for me to make sure I never lose it either.

Funerals are always SO draining and well - really just exhausting. I wish I was able to just stay home today in my P.J.'s but I have class then work. I am off tomorrow, which is good, but I have a HUGE test I must study for, so it wont really be a "day off."

Last night when I got in bed I just felt like crying. Just from all of the emotions of the day and closing a chapter of a life. It was also emotional because of some tension in my family that has been there for a few years amongst my Mom and some of her siblings. I think most of them were able to move past some things. There has been some division in our family and I haven't been as close to some of my cousins as I once was,which makes me really sad. It was really good to see all of them yesterday and be there and comfort each other. It's bittersweet how it takes a death to bring people together - but it is a good thing too. So not only was the actual loss of my Aunt and the funeral draining, but the thoughts and sadness of the tension that has been in my family was also very emotional for many of us. I couldn't stop thinking about it all last night and it really made me have a heavy heart and I just wanted to cry myself to sleep. I did a little.

I pray things will get better with my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. I don't know if things will ever be "the same", but I guess we can only hope. There is nothing worse when there is division and tension in a family! Family should stick together and be there for each other through thick and thin!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm sorry if my posts have been kind of "blah" lately, but sometimes that's just the way life is. And I'd be lying if I got on here and acted things were all hunky dory! But tomorrow is another day and as Thanksgiving is approaching - I know I have SO much to be thankful for!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Fun!

It just dawned on me that I never blogged about the wedding I went to in NWA a few weeks ago. I shared my weekend and posted about Halloween and our fun day trip to Eureka Springs, but had not shared about the wedding yet (which was the reason I went to NWA.)

The wedding was for my friend Kim and her sweet husband Patrick. It was such a fun night and so sweet to watch this couple. They are SO perfect for each other!! The reception, food, cake, music, everything was wonderful! It was a great wedding and a great night and I'm so glad I was able to share their special day with them!

The B&G cutting their gorgeous cake. It was so yummy too - each layer was a different flavor. I had red velvet, which I love but it's my hubby's fav & since he wasn't there I thought I would eat his fav!
Me and my BFF Ash
We all danced the night away . . . with the Bride of Course!

Not sure what kind of dance we are doing here - so silly!
The adorable couple dancing!!

Love the favors!
A few of us went to aLoft after the wedding!