Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wifey's Weekend

Wifey's weekend was pretty low key. Hubby and I both worked late Friday and then had to work Saturday . . . ughh. Friday night I didn't cook of course since I worked late. Hubby made it home before me, so he went and picked up some dinner at Memphis Pizza Cafe, a local fav!
He had a calzone and I had one slice of Veggie pizza and a Greek Salad - it hit the spot! We just chilled on the couch and watched the Olympics and it wasn't long before I was out! We have a HUGE electric blanket and lately I have been making myself comfy on the couch, under the blanket.It feels so good and I love adjusting the temp to what I want it to be! I found myself thinking later how funny it was that we were in and pooped on a Friday night, when just a couple years ago we would be out on the town. I guess we are officially "grown ups" now!

As I mentioned before, we both worked Saturday. I went to the grocery when I got off work and fixed us quiche for dinner. I wanted something quick, easy and good. I fixed hubby a ham and cheese one and then I fixed me a veggie quiche, minus the crust . . . . if you still call that a quiche - I don't know? I was trying to make mine a little on the healthier side. The crust is my favorite part of quiche, but it was still really, really good without it too! AND real men DO eat quiche, at least my man does! LOL.
I just now realized I had "veggie" meals 2 nights in a row. I wasn't doing that on purpose, but I guess I just like my veggies-which is good! Can never have too many I suppose.

Sunday Hubby had to work, so I slept in and lounged around a bit. I enjoyed drinking coffee and relaxing in my pj's for. I have a few favorite coffee cups, one of them being this cup that Mike got for me over a year ago. It makes me smile every time I use it just because I remember us laughing when he showed it to me in the store and said he was going to buy it for me. I also like it because it is a BIG coffee cup so it allows me to have a big 'ol cup of coffee! Sometimes I even eat cereal out of it too! ha ha
After lounging around for a little while, I picked up the house a little and then worked out. I did a workout video I had at home. I could have gone to the gym, but I just felt like staying home ALL day and not having to go anywhere! So I did that, and then also got caught up on some Reality TV:

Once again, I wanted to do something quick, easy and good for dinner. I wanted to enjoy my night with my honey and didn't want to be cleaning up the kitchen half the night - so I went for something quick. I made us Tuna Pita Melts. They were sooo good!! I used whole wheat pitas, tuna (with a few things added to the tuna) and then 2% cheese melted. It was my first time fixing them and we both thought they were really good. For dessert I made some cinnamon apples. We have a ton of apples in the fridge so I thought this would be the perfect way to use some of them up!

So that was pretty much our weekend, nothing too exciting! I feel like I'm leaving something out . . hmmm. Although it was pretty low key and lacked anything super exciting, I enjoyed just chilling! Sometimes a weekend that is low key, is the best kind! Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!! Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Airport Attire: Celeb Style

When I travel and head to the airport I think . . . cute and comfy. I guess what I wear also depends on where I am going. It is interesting to see how some celebs dress as they are traveling. Some dress to the nines and some are pretty normal and casual while still keeping their "star" style. What do you think? Do you like these celebs "airport" attire??

Kim Kardashian

Gwen Stefani

Victoria Beckham

Taylor Swift

Channing Tatum

Beyonce & Jay Z
(I'm SO not diggin her outfit here!! She looks like she should be hopping on a Harley instead of a plane! And if she was gettin on a Harley - I would think she looked great . . . but that's a lot of leather if you are not a biker chick.)

(love this first look, but the second one with those camo pants is not too cute - in my opinion of course.)

(I like her bag and hat!!)

Ryan Gosling
(ya know - from the Notebook . . )

Jessica Simpson

Kate Winslet

David Beckham
(Does he ever NOT look good??? ummm . . no!)

(*Photos from

And since I am talking about Airport attire - here is a pic of me and my hubby

in the airport . . .

And for the record - yes my jacket has a leather collar, but I'm not wearing leather pants too! ha ha

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christian Louboutin Love Affair

So I am pretty much in love with Christian Louboutin - he is pure genius when it comes to his designs!!! I mean, if this is not the way to a woman's heart, I don't know what is?? ha ha!

And here he is . . . the man behind the magic!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Groomingdales and Wagging Tales

Today I went by one of my new favorite stores right down the street from my house called Groomingdales! It is the cutest shop for doggies!! They do grooming, carry adorable clothes and gourmet treats for our furry friends!! I got Mr. Big a Burberry bow for boy doggies and 2 doggie cookies! They are made especially for dogs and I let him have one tonight and he LOOOOVED it!!! It was so funny to watch him eat it! The cookies have a special icing for dogs and he was just licking the heck out of it till he got all of the icing off!!

(btw - I put the cookies on a cutting board for the pic. I noticed later that it kind of looks like wood floors and I didn't want anyone to think that my wood floors look like this and all scratched up really bad. ha ha)

My pics and the quality of them pretty much suck. I am still using Mike's iPhone for pics till I get my camera charger back that I left at a friends house - so till then please bare with me and my horrible quality pics!

Cookie time . . .

Oh yeah and Mr. Big really needs a hair cut!! ha ha - so he will be making a trip to Groomingdales very soon!! He looks like a shaggy dog, but still SO adorable!

You should have seen how much he was wagging his tale as he ate his cookie! It was so funny!!

Love how he holds it!!!

Num, num Mommy - this cookie is SOOO yummy to my tummy!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: Day in Oxford & City Grocery Restaurant

* I am late doing this post & it is barely still Tuesday, but what the heck.



Last Monday I had to go to Oxford for the day for work. Mike is usually off on Mondays and instead of sleeping in (like I'm sure he wanted to do) he got up and went with me to Oxford for the day. I had a couple appointments and then we enjoyed part of the day down there together. We had coffee at a local coffee shop on the Square (the Downtown Square is the last photo posted.) We enjoyed that a lot, they have their own, special brewed coffee! After a little work we then went to lunch. I had been to Oxford a couple weeks before and stopped in one of the great local restaurants called City Grocery. Interesting name - when I first heard it I thought it literally was a grocery store - but it's not. It's a great restaurant with local flavor and wonderful food! Mike and I went there and had a lovely lunch! He had chicken which came with potatoes and green beans and I had Lobster quiche and salad. The food was incredible along with the atmosphere! The restaurant had a great interior of old exposed brick and local art lining the walls! Mike and I both agreed that if lunch was this good, then we will definitely have to go back for dinner sometime soon! I can only imagine how good their dinner menu must be!

Oxford is not only the home of University of Mississippi (my Alma Mater) but it is also a treasured city in MS. It holds a lot of history which can be felt in the historic Town Square. Although it was very cold outside, we walked around a bit and I went into some of the great shops and boutiques. I want to go back soon when I have the entire day and just shop! Oxford is only about an hour away from us, so we can easily go down there anytime! I even think it would be fun to go for a little weekend getaway! So if any of you are looking for a quaint yet citified place to visit, go to Oxford. You will find great restaurants, shopping and scenery!