Monday, November 23, 2009

Over the Weekend I . . . .

. . . got some fresh flowers, after such a long, draining week, I needed some. I love to treat myself to fresh flowers of some sort. I find them to be soothing!! I put some in our living room, but I also have some in our kitchen. If I could, I would have fresh flowers in EVERY room!!!
. . . was pleasantly surprised when I came home to find that my hubby had gone out before I got home from work - to purchase a few of my favorite candles for me! So sweet of him!!!
. . . made a yummy Pumpkin Mousse Saturday Night - it was SO good! It was so easy too - I couldn't believe how easy it was. I will have to post the recipe later.

. . . made Jambalaya, Cornbread, and Honey Mustard 'n Bacon Coleslaw (it was good!) I made this last night. We had a lot of Jambalaya leftover, so I brought some to work today! For meat I put Shrimp and then Turkey Sausage, since that's less fattening. The regular sausage is so good, but when I see how much fat it has I just can't do it. So I will be having a yummy lunch, perfect on this rainy, dreary day we are having here in TN. And I bet it will be even better since it's had time to really soak up all the flavor! yummy!!

. . . Played with Mr. Big and snapped some cute pics of him with me, my brother and my brother's doggie, Bentley


Savvy Gal said...

flowers always make me feel pretty good too. all the food look soooo yummy!

Meagan said...

I also love fresh flowers!!! post the recipe!!! :)

Llama said...

Fresh flowers always make me feel better too! Pumpkin mousse sounds delish! I hope Mr. Big is doing well...he looks happy!:)

Annie said...

glad you had such a good weekend hun!
super cute pictures! are you keeping mr. big?! i thought you found him or something?
i hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving!! :)

p.s. love the blog design!! it looks great!