Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tori & Deans Dining Room Disaster (In my opinion)

I love Tori & Dean!! When their show first aired and when I first started watching, one thing I loved about it (besides how cute they are together) was looking around at their house and how they had things decorated. After the B&B they were renting a house, but there was something about it that I loved and something about the way they had things decorated and their overall style that was just so cool to me. After that, they purchased a house - and I loved pretty much everything about that house too. But the last house they purchased and the way they decorated it left me really disappointed! I'm wondering to myself what has happened to their great sense of style???

One room in particular that I just DO NOT get is their dining room. I am all for mixing things and more of an eclectic, unique style - but this . . . . it's just horrible (I think.) There is not one or even 2 focal points in this room, the eye just goes everywhere because there is too much going on. (Again - this is only my opinion.) I actually think the one thing they could do to make this room look 100x better - would be to get rid of the wall paper and paint the room. I could see a light turquoise color on the walls - that might be a nice color with the coral fabric on the chairs. Plus it would bring out the blue in the picture and the turquoise accent you see placed on her hutch. Oh and the rug, not diggin that either - but with the wall paper gone it might not be SO bad.

I love the black table, chairs and hutch - but it's the wall paper that I think really messes this room up. Even the color of the fabric on the chairs could look good if it wasn't for the wall paper. I'm not crazy about the lamps either. The mirrored buffet is FAB!!! She has some great pieces in here, but it's just done all wrong in my opinion. I am not a designer or anything, I don't think you have to be one to know that this is not the best room in the world. It actually looks like an old lady's house who has tried to change with the times a bit - but still hanging on to her out of style, out dated decor. yikes!!! I remember watching the episode when they moved into this house and were going to reveal each room. I was SO excited to see what they had done, but then when I saw this - it was a HUGE let down to say the least!

If I remember correctly, this next photo is from her house before and this was the dining room. Not the best pic - wish it showed more. I remember watching this episode and just LOVING the dining room. But this is more my style and I love the black. This dining room looks simple yet bold at the same time - if that makes sense. I like this SO much better then the other one!!! And I LOOOVE this mirror. I have no idea where she got this one, but I have seen one pretty much identical at VCF.

I'm sure hers cost thousands of dollars, but the Botticelli Black Mirror from VCF is ONLY $399.99. I think that's a great deal considering the look it has! I mean it looks just like it!! AND it also comes in red and white!!! The red is FABULOUS and if you had the right space I think it would just be amazing!!! Hmmm . . . . maybe I should ask Santa for the black one for Christmas. I'm still working on my dining room and this style is SO me!!


Meagan said...

i agree!!! I think the room is hideous!!!!!

Paige said...

ha! before i even read your post i was thinking "that wall paper really stinks!!"

Jennifer said...

That is tragic! I'm with you on the wall paper. I have seen a lot of really cool dinning rooms with some really fun, modern wall paper but this is NOT one of them!

I like your new header! Cute!

In this wonderful life... said...

Gesh! That wallpaper is NOT okay!

That mirrored buffet, however, rocks my world!

Llama said...

Oh myyyyyy that is just horrible! It looks like an 80's disaster lol! There are pieces that are nice, like that mirror, but i agree, that wallpaper is just all wrong! I can't even focus on anything else!