Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Show 'N Tell Tuesday: Last Years Christmas Cards



These are my Christmas cards from last year. The 2nd one I did first & while I liked it, I decided to do another one too - which is the first card. That first one was my favorite! Since last December was our first wedding Anniversary, I wanted to use images from our wedding because I knew after that I wouldn't be able to. But I loved our cards. The 2nd card was the first one I did and I used a really cute little saying along with the pictures. The pictures are of Mike and I walking downtown and as we were walking he jumped up in the air and clicked his heels together (like you've seen in old movies, ha.) So I put on the card "We hope you have a reason to kick up you heels this season!" Kinda silly, but I thought it was cute!

So those were my Christmas cards for 2008. Still trying to decide on the ones to send out this Christmas. I need to get on the ball, but I still have a little more time. I love Christmas cards and last year when I did our cards I decided that I am going to put together a little book and each year put our Christmas card in it, so many years down the road I can get it out each Christmas and our kids can look at past Christmas cards. I think that will be fun!


Mrs. Misadventure said...

Your cards from last year were beautiful!! I'm also loving the new blog design!

aaaaaand did I mention I nominated you for an award? Stop by my blog to claim your prize :)

Jen said...

Love those! We used a wedding photo (and a puppy photo) in our card for this year!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Love the cards! Very cute! And, a great idea about putting them in a book to keep!

Annie said...

the cards from last year turned out so good and how wonderful that you got to use your wedding photos!!

In this wonderful life... said...

LOVE the cards! Can't wait to see this years!!