Monday, November 30, 2009

Coach is on my Christmas list!

The other night Mike and I were talking about Christmas and he asked for a few ideas.
I work 2 doors down from Coach and have noticed a few things in their window.

I am a hat person so I LOVE both of these. But I think I would just need one, probably black!

They had some scarves in the window the other day that I loved too & in a array of colors!!

I LOOOVE these leather gloves with a silk lining!
I specifically showed Mike these bracelets. I have been wanting one really nice, real gold bangle for a while. Something I will wear forever. I think I like the first one the best I think. It is thinner but then again the other 2 are quite nice! Later I'd like to have a couple silver ones
too, then I could wear them all together. But for now, the gold one is what I am wanting!
There are many other things I like, but I'd say the bracelet and hat are on the top of my list from Coach!!


Jen said...

GREAT List! I'm not a hat person but if you can rock that first hat - go for it; it's super cute! Love the scarves & the bangles, I have that last one & it's so practical!

Jenny.Lee said...

I think that necklace and a few of these goodies are gonna make it onto my list! :)

bananas. said...

um...yea that colorful scarf and those bracelets are faboo! i hope you get them ALL! then you'll BE THE STORE ;)

i kid.

Annie said...

you look so cute in hats lady!! either of those would be perfect for you!
i like the scarves a lot!

Amber said...

I love the bracelets and the gloves! You have great taste :)