Thursday, February 10, 2011

L.o.v.e. on a Snow Day

Today I worked from home to due the weather and hubby got to stay home too! I loved us being together all day. We both stayed in our PJ's and it was SO nice!! I did some work, then got a little bored in the afternoon and started playing around with a couple Valentine's things I have. I have some cute blocks that spell different words, and did a few things with those.

I still have my bittersweet berry wreath up in our living room. I figured it's still winter and I can keep it up a little longer.

This is an entry table in the little hallway right by our bedroom. Perfect place for a little "l.o.v.e!"

For dinner last night, as the snow was coming down, I fixed some yummy pasta. This was M's plate. I also made him some chicken and broccoli to go with it, but the plate was just too cute and had to share it!!

As for the snow, I got out in it a little. I took our doggie, Mr. Big out and he LOVED it!!!

Huge snow flakes coming down in our neighborhood!! Loved it!!

Mr. Big having a blast running around in the snow!

Digging in the snow!

Time to go in Mr. Big!! I know almost all doggies are cute, but is this not the CUTEST face ever??? I just want to squeeze him!!!


Nicole said...

I love snow days! You have such an adorable dog!! :]

LC said...

cute heart plates! I just can't believe all the snow ya'll are getting over there! Be safe and stay warm:)

Claire said...

awwwwww very cute doggie!! :)

Jessica said...

That face is too adorable!!! Haha