Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Fixins for 2

Did everyone enjoy watching the Super Bowl? We did! We stayed home and watched it. M had to work today and didn't get off till 5. We were going to go to a friends house for a Super Bowl party and had also thought about having a few people over, but since he was working and since I have had a busy, tiring week after being out of town, we thought staying in sounded good.

Even though it was a night in for us, I still wanted to have a fun little Super Bowl spread, so we had our very own Super Bowl Party for 2! M was routing for Green Bay and luckily I had quite a bit of yellow and green, so it worked out perfect!

{we had mini burgers}

{then I made Crack dip (the one with cream cheese, sausage & rotel) along with chips. It's hubby's fav!! It's seriously like crack, cuz you can't stop eating it. Not that I would know what crack is like, but ya know . . .}

{a few sweets}

{GO Packers Go}

{we had a few wings too}

{and then some baked beans}

{and for dessert, a "Green Bay" frozen treat. I made it with cool whip and a few crushed M&M's. It was good and since I used frozen cool whip instead of icecream, it wasn't too bad for you either.}

So that was our night! After the Super Bowl we watch the Puppy Bowl! Do any of you ever watch that? It's SO cute!! I think I like it more than the actual Super Bowl!! Oh and how bout Christina Aguilara and that half time show?? I have never been a fan of Christina, and tonight just confirmed that for me! She tries to belt it out to much and it just doesn't sound good!! The chick form Glee did better than her! And the half time show was okay. They played all the BEP songs I love, but the live performance wasn't too hot. I know it's easier said than done though and it's not the easiest thing to get up and sing and dance in a live show - but since they are entertainers, I guess I expect more from them.

So what did you all do for the Super Bowl and what are your opinions on the performances?? Do tell!


Tiffany said...

From the food to the decor, it always looks fab!

Jessica said...

Very cute! I LOVE crack dip too!!! YUM

Scientific Housewife said...

That is absolutely adorable! What a great idea :)

Southern Cinderella said...

You did such a great job with your party for two!!! Cute decor and party treats!

memphis belle said...

that looks so good especially the mini burgers!!