Wednesday, September 23, 2009

J Crew T-shirt & My first Giveaway winning!

So today I am sporting a cute shirt from J Crew. I work right across from a J Crew and I do like some of there things, but I don't shop there all the time. Usually it's a little too "preppy" for my taste and then sometimes I think the price is ridiculous for what it is. But today I am enjoying this adorable Corsage T-shirt. It's cute and comfy and can be very casual or you can dress it up. They came in many colors, but I have a grey one. I even decided to wear pearls with it - thought it would dress it up a bit and I just liked the look with this shirt. Since I got flowers and pearls going on, I had to "funkdify" my outfit with one of my favorite pair of shoes: my black wedges with silver studs. They are classy and cute, but the silver gives it a little edge.

And no outfit would be complete without a handbag . . . right? This morning I grabbed my snakeskin bag that I just love. It is b&w and a little grey too. I love the shape of it as well as the studded accents on the strap. Although - it did just dawn on me that the metal studs on the bag are not the same color as the ones on my shoes - didn't think about that. But since I'm wearing pants I doubt anyone would notice! ha ha. I've had this bag for probably 4 years or more. Love it! So that is what I'm wearing today with some black dress pants form Limited. I was going to wear jeans, but I feel like I've been wearing jeans a lot to work - which is fine, but I wanted to wear some dress pants for a change.

Yesterday I found out that I was the WINNER of a giveaway. I had never signed up for a giveaway on a blog until last week. Over at Kelly Ann Studio, Kelly was doing a giveaway of Kat Von D perfume. I have watched Kat's show from time to time and like her, so I am anxious to try out her perfume! So thank you so much Kelly!! I NEVER win anything! ha ha!

***This photo came from Kelly Ann - she is an amazing photographer & her blog is awesome! So check it out!!


Brown Girl said...

Whoop! Winning stuff is fun! Love the t-shirt so cute!

Annie said...

YAY for your win!
i LOVE your shoes, i want them!! they are so cute! your shirt is fun too!
i'm guessing you work on a mall...although i shouldn't assume that as i work in the tallest building in MN and there is a banana republic and gap in the commons area.
have you posted on where you work before??

Amber said...

I love the shirt. I'm with you though, J Crew is a little pricey for my taste, I'm more of a Banana Republic Outlet kind of girl. I always enter giveaways on blogs but never win. Oh well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for now.

annechovie said...

Congrats on your win and I love the shirt! Thanks for your entry and visit. God bless!

Ashley said...

What a great giveaway! And you look precious in that shirt, you always look good! I love the bag... you are just rockin' some style lady!

Natalie said...

Yay for your win, congratulations! As for that JCrew will soon be mine! So stinkin' it! Hope you have a super great day!

In this wonderful life... said...

congrats on the winning!! Cute finds. Love that top!