Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: Last years Fall Decor



Since a lot of you have been talking about Fall and showing some of your decorations around your house - I wanted to show you some of my fall decorations from last year (since I haven't put mine up for this year yet.) I am not as early as some of you when it comes to decorating for fall. Here in Memphis it is still 80 degrees and kind of hot and humid, so I just haven't been able to get in the mood to decorate for fall. I have all of October and November to enjoy it when I do get them up so what's the rush, right? I don't get my Christmas stuff out till after Thanksgiving, so I figure I have October and November to enjoy it all - so I'm waiting a little longer till it feels more like fall around here. In the meantime I thought I would share what I did last year. We have since moved from the house that is in the pictures, although some parts are almost identical to our house now. I enjoy using real pumpkins to decorate with. Last fall I mainly decorated our mantel. I had a few touches with pumpkins and fall flowers and things here and there, and then of course 2 mums on our front porch on either side of our front door. I really loved our mantel last fall, it was festive, yet simple. I ALWAYS light candles at night (and I mean every night - throughout our house) and so I enjoyed incorporating candles with the pumpkins! I had a great bronze colored vase from Target that I had moved form our breakfast room to the mantel and it looked really good with the pumpkins.

I'm not sure what I will do this year. Maybe I will do something similar with the mantel. But I am so ready for it to cool off here and start feeling more like fall.

These are some other photos of a few touches I had around the house last fall.

This was football night. There was a Memphis game on so I had Mike's UofM glasses out (he loves these!) I had made Philly cheese steaks, seasoned fries and then zucchini fritti (all fat free of course - football food always is right? ha ha.) The candle I had lit smelled of pumpkin spice!!! I loved it!!
This was our dining room. It was really really small, not big enough for the kind of DR table I wanted in there, so I made it into a sitting room and on the opposite side had a bar that opened up that I kept glasses and stored wine in. I think I added some pumpkins to this room a little later - but at this time I just had my vase with the stems of fall berries which looked good in this room.

This was my little dessert and coffee set up I had on our kitchen table on night when we had company. As you can see I used my Target vase AGAIN! ha ha! I loved that thing and used it a lot and moved it around from time to time! I think they had a matching lamp too - wish I had gotten it, or at least another one of these vases because obviously I could have used more than one! I had a bench on the other side of our kitchen table and throughout different seasons I changed the pillows sometimes. I kept the brown and cream pillows on there quite a bit though since it was neutral and then used dishes, flowers and other things for color. But during the fall I used my green dishes quite a bit.

So that was just a small glimpse of my fall decor last year - I'll post some pics when I get around to decorating this fall.


Melissa said...

Your decorations look great! I especially love the Memphis glasses!

Annie said...

you have the nicest home!! it looks beautiful and i love ALL the fall decorations!! your taste in decor is fabulous!

In this wonderful life... said...

I'm slow putting up this fall! THEN I take it down to decorate Halloween and THEN put it back out. Sick I know! All your stuff looks so cute! as always :)