Friday, September 25, 2009

Late Night Spaces

TGIF all! I am just now getting in the bed . . . .so it's technically Friday! I am such a night owl - but tonight I have stayed up entirely too late. Mike said he got up to go to the bathroom and noticed I wasn't in the bed yet . . . then I came in and he commented on the time - he was being silly and telling me how tired I am going to be in the morning, ha ha . . . and he's right. I bought some curtains at TJ MAXX tonight - they were $5.99 a panel!!! I stayed up late trying them out. I like them a lot, just not sure about the color??? Our couch in our living room is a tan sectional (contemporary) and I feel like the drapes I got are too neutral. I feel like I need something with more color or something. But for that price, I just had to get them and try them out. I'll probably keep them and may use them somewhere else.

One of my favorite things to do is look at different spaces and see how rooms are decorated! I just love doing that!!! Sometimes it helps me get ideas too! So tonight I looked at some rooms, and these are a few I liked!

LOVE this bathroom!!
Like the simplicity of this bedroom, but not so sure about the chair . . .Love the ottoman
Interesting how this room has blue on blue - I like it!


Amber said...

I love the room with the blue on blue. I wish my bathroom was that pretty/big!

Brown Girl said...

I love that bathroom, it's awesome!! I am so bad about decorating our house, maybe when we move I'll think about decorating something...I'm not that fond of where we are now.

Annie said...

love the choices and i want that bathroom!! i would workout for sure on that elliptical ;) looks like a bathroom from devine design!