Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I <3 Black Nail Polish!!

I  am sitting here waiting for my fingers and toes to dry. I just painted them black and I LOVE it! 75% of the time I have my nails painted either Marshmallow, or Black . . . . . for a while now it's been black. Usually I only wore black during fall and winter, but I noticed a long time ago that it was being worn year around. I love it with pretty much everything I wear and I also think it can give most outfits or looks a slight edge - which I like! I think it is bold and classy at the same time. It looks so nice for formal occasions with a little black dress as well as everyday dress

It's funny when I think back many years ago when I was a teen and came home with black nails. My Dad asked me if I was going Goth?? ha ha ha! I think he was half kidding, half serious, but he was not diggin the black nails. That was usually my luck - I would start doing something before it became super popular and everyone was doing it or wearing it but would stop until it came back around because others around me thought I was crazy. Then once everyone started doing it - it was okay again. Funny how that works isn't it?!?

It seems celebs are still into the black nail polish too. Lauren Conrad almost always has hers painted black and I just love it! BTW . . . Conrad is my last name (well Maiden name) - I bet we are related somehow down the line!!! Seriously! How awesome would that be?? But since I am older, I was the first "LC!" LOL

Oh and one last funny thing: I posted my title and then 5 minuets later found the t-shirt that said "I <3 black nail polish . . . just thtought that was kinda ironic and funny. Especially when I used the heart symbol! Maybe it's a sign that I need that T-shirt! ;)

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Annie said...

i loves it too!
going to paint my toesies and fingers black tonight ;)