Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend & Valentines Double Date

Just got done watching the Grammy's! What a show! Great tribute to Whitney Houston, yay for Adele winning big tonight, and WHAT was that performance by Niki Minaj? I'm not gonna lie - I like some of her songs, but I'm NOT at all into sacrilegious performances like she did tonight!

That said, I had a good weekend! I went to Urban Outfitters Friday after work and made an exchange and tried very hard not to look around and get tempted, but I ended up in the dressing room! I'm so weak! However I did snag an adorable heart pillow from the sale bin. I put it on my black bench under my wedding dress portrait (by the talented Kristin Wolfson Artist out of New Orleans.) I also got a cute little heart dish this week from Target. Gotta have a few Valentine's Day touches around the house!

Saturday night we had double date plans with my good good friend Jamie and her bf. We went to eat dinner at The Butcher Shop then went and had a few drinks! It was a great time! Jamie makes me laugh SO much!! We could be stuck on a deserted island and still have a ball!!! I love her to death!!

Oh and when I went to Urban Outfitters Friday I had to exchange a dress I had purchased a couple weeks before - which is this red one I am wearing. I have it in black too! I just love shoulder cut outs!!

{me and my valentine}

{me & Jamie}

{made a valentine card for Jamie - she loved it! LOL}

Pucker up buttercup!

In case I'm not back before the 14th. . . .

Happy Valentine's Day!



Dee Stephens said...

You look gorgeous! I'm with you on Nicki's performance. BIZZARO!

Scientific Housewife said...

How fun, I love that dress!