Friday, July 22, 2011

The Happy Couple: The Gibbs

2 weekends ago we attended a wedding for friends of ours Collin & Shelly! Collin and M work together and he was one of M's best men in our wedding 3 years ago.

Collin and Shelly are the cutest couple and we are so very happy for them!

The wedding was beautiful, as well as the reception!!

When you entered the reception, the long flower arrangements was AMAZING!!

Hubby & The Groom

Instead of doing favors, the couple did such a cool thing and made a donation to St. Jude! They had lovely table setup for the guests with cards explaining what they had done! It was so cool!

It was such a great night! Congrats to The Gibbs!!!


Mrs in Training said...

As always, you look fabulous! Love that dress!

Scientific Housewife said...

It looks great and so do you :)