Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Time = Good Times

Two weekends ago we attended a wedding of one of my best friends, Lindsay. She got married at the beautiful Brooks Museum here in Memphis. She had a small wedding, with about only 50 guests. She didn't have bridesmaids - which I thought was fine because not everyone has to do that! It was all perfect just the way it was! As soon as we walked up, we heard music playing by a harpist and saw this!

I just loved these flower balls! So beautiful and SO her!!

The beautiful bride!

After the ceremony, everyone went inside for cocktails and then other guests arrived who were just invited to the reception.


It was almost like a reunion because some of my other friends were there who live out of town and I don't see much.

Me, Lindsay the Bride, and Jennie! The 3 of us used to always be together and have girls night, and go to the beach - it was so good to be all together again!

First dance as husband and wife!

I caught this adorable shot of the bride dancing with her Dad, so cute!

One thing I LOVED about their wedding was just that, it was THEIRS! They did things how they wanted them done, not how it's always done! The bride is not a big cake fan, so instead of cake, they had an ice cream station with different flavors of ice cream, toppings and cones! I loved the idea and was proud of her for doing something she liked and not having a cake just because it's the "thing to do." I think that is what a wedding is all about this day in age, making it about the 2 of you and what you like and interests you!

Something else they did that was different and that I LOVED, was instead of having the traditional guest book, they had their guests sign a cook book! They both love to cook and I thought this was the cutest idea ever! This way, over the years when the use this cook book, they will see notes from family and friends and be reminded of their special day, rather than stuffing a guest book away and never looking at it! Brilliant idea!!


Obviously we danced the night away! This was towards the end of the night They had an awesome band and we stayed till the very end and enjoyed the music!

We had a blast!!

After the wedding, a few of us went out. This is me and my friend Cheryl!

It was such a great evening and I am SO very happy for Lindsay and her husband Matt!! Congrats you two!!!


Dee Stephens said...

Looks like a blast! I didn't do bridesmaids either. Just a MOH.
I love her dress and veil. Perfect!
You look sexy too with your one shoulder and yellow purse :)

Anonymous said...

You have got to tell us where you got that dress! I just love it-and it looks awesome on you!!!