Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to my BFF!

{Me and Ash on my wedding day}

Today is my best friend, Ashley's birthday. Some of you bloggers may know her blog: Ashley's Avenue.

We have known eachother since 6th grade and been best friends since highschool. There is nothing that we don't know about eachother. We both always say that we are the only ones that we can truly tell EVERYTHING to! It's so nice to have a friend like that! A friend who can know everything about you, see you at your best and at your worst, see you in struggles and triumphs, and share the most joyous times of your life!

{Us the day we graduated High school}
{when were 20}

We live almost 6 hours a part now and don't get to see eachother enough! I know that's not very far away, but she is married and a stay at home mom, while I am married and work full time - so life keeps us both very busy. But the great thing about us and our friendship is that even when we don't see eachother as often as we would like to, when we finally do - it's as if no time at all has passed. We pick up right where we left off! Now that is what you call TRUE FRIENDS!!

{She made a trip to Memphis here and this was the first time she met Mike . . . when we were dating}

There are so many stories we love to look back on and remember. Some make us laugh till we cry and some make us ask "WHAT were we thinking??" Her family has been like my 2nd family and mine has been the same to her over the years.

{My engagement party, when she came to Memphis to visit and celebrate}

We have had some ups and downs, but after all these years, we are still the best of friends and I thank God for that! I wish I was with her today for her birthday, but I know she will be surrounded by many of her family and friends and I am so thankful for that! And although I know I will not be able to celebrate with her today, I know that when we do see eachother next, it will be time to PARTTTAY!!

{Us at my Bridesmaid brunch at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Memphis}

{Ash helping me get dressed on my wedding day}

{When she came to visit me in Memphis one Fall}

{Us on our way to shop when I went to see her in NWA}

{At a wedding together}


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Mrs. Ruby said...

You two are such CUTE best friends. makes me miss mine!!! :)