Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laid Up

As I type this, I have my right leg propped up on pillows, crutches in sight, am in slight pain, feeling groggy from meds and irritated that I'm laid up. Yesterday I had surgery on my ankle. I broke my right ankle in Jr. High and had surgery on it then. I broke both the inside and outside bones of my ankle, and had screws put in on each side. Over the years some of the screws have shifted and bothered me. I had one taken out about 8 years ago, and then yesterday I had another one removed. It's been bothering me for about a year and these past few months had gotten worse. If I was on my feet a lot, it would hurt so bad and I would just come straight home from work and get on the couch. Then some days I would think it was feeling okay, and go to the gym to only get frustrated as I would try to do cardio like I usually did, but couldn't because the discomfort and pain was too much.

I have known that I needed to have another one removed, but had just been putting it off. I wanted to have it done before summer. So yesterday we got up before the sun was up, and headed to the surgery center. I wasn't too nervous, just a little. It was not a huge procedure of course, but being put to sleep is always a little nerve racking . . . to me at least.

Luckily they mark which is correct and wrong for operating on!! We've all heard horror stories of the wrong leg or arm being operated on . . . yikes! I was happy they did this!

Aren't the socks they put on me so incredibly sexy?? Just about as sexy as the gown and cap they had on me too! haha. I'm not sure why I had an extra sock on my right foot? Maybe that was another way they mark which ankle was the one they were operating on . . .

This is the screw they took out of my ankle. As I mentioned before, I had one taken out 8 years ago, then this one taken out, and now there is still one more in there. It doesn't bother me so I'm hoping it will stay put!

Over all the surgery went well. It was pretty quick! The only thing I wasn't too happy about was my recovery time. I have gotten sick in the past from anesthesia and told them that and they said they would give me something to keep me from being nauseated or throwing up. When I woke up I felt a little nauseated, but not too bad. They gave me a coke and I took a couple sips, and layed there for a bit. Then M came in and sat with me as they discussed my medication and other things I needed to do (which I don't really remember at all.) M helped me get dressed and then they brought in my crutches to make sure they fit my height, then we were good to go. They put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me out as M went to pull the car around. While he was gone to get the car, I asked the nurse if I was still supposed to feel so nauseated even though they gave me something for nausea? She said a little. I told her I thought I was going to get sick and she said she would go get something for me as soon as M got back with the car. Right after those words came out of my mouth and just as M was pulling up with the car . . . it was all over - I threw up! It was terrible. It was at the entrance of the surgery center and in view of the waiting room where everyone could see. I was mortified, but there was nothing I could do of course. I was also irritated because I think I should've stayed in recovery a little longer AND I also think they should give patients a barf bag or something to throw up in, in case it still happened!

I felt sick all the way home! It was not fun. But once I got home and propped my ankle up, I took my meds and slept all afternoon. I've had to take stuff for nausea still today, but I think the worst is over.

I am off work for over a week and will be using crutches till I feel ready to wear my protective boot and put some weight on it. I hope with all of this time off I will be able to catch up on my blogging and leave some comments for all of you!

So that is how my week got started, ha! Not so fun, but something that had to be done! Hope all of you are having a great week! I will be back soon with hopefully more normal, exciting things than this!


Southern Cinderella said...

Wow! Thats a big screw! Hope you feel better soon!!

Michelle's Style File said...

oh no! Hope you are up and about soon.

Michelle's Style File

Tiffany said...

How you have a quick recovery and feel better soon!

Dee Stephens said...

Wow. That is annoying that they didn't give you more time or at least a bag.
That kind of stuff gets to me..especially since they are getting compensated so well. Hope you feel better soon!

LC said...

Awww, Praying for you girly! I hope you are back on your feet feeling better in no time:)

Scientific Housewife said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Kari Beth said...

oh my goodness that is horrible! hope you heal up quick!

pve design said...

ouch! my son has screws to be removed soon....and I want to frame them later for him. Hope you are up and atom soon.