Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tasty Treat for Turkey Day

Each Fall I have a yummy, addicting, little treat I like to make. It couldn't be easier and is super cute for Fall and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here's what you need:



And then you have it! Put them together in a bowl or dish and enjoy!! You will see that this yummy treat tastes just like a Payday candy bar!!! It's fun, festive and oh so good!!

I had a time finding candy corn though. Guess I waited a little too long to get it this year. I had to go to THREE stores to find it, and when I did finally find some, they only had 3 bags!! I was quite annoyed. I love Christmas more than anyone, but it's not even Thanksgiving yet and all they have out is Christmas candy!! I mean come on, if you are not going to have candy corn out till Thanksgiving, then you might as well forget about the pumpkin pie and turkeys too! ha ha!

But I did get a little and came home and put some out in my cute, new leaf dish from Marshall's which was only $2.99!

I also mixed some up and put it in a mason jar and took it to work. Everyone loved it!! I have a feeling I will have to take some more next week!

I think I may do a few more of these and take them to my family for Thanksgiving! It's a great thing to have out if you are having people over for Thanksgiving too! So go to the store, get ya some peanuts and candy corn (hopefully you will have better luck finding candy corn) and enjoy!!


Rachel said...

Cute idea, I am going to make some in the mason jars. I love anything in mason jars.

Anonymous said...

Adorable and it looks cute in a dish. Candy Corn might be the only sweet treat I don't like.. (miracle). I would eat all of the peanuts! xo

Amanda M. said...

Someone tipped me off to this amazing combo during last year's Halloween season and I have been addicted ever since. Like I need a 12 step program addicted. I am sure I have rotted all my teeth from the amount of candy corn I have consumed.
What an absolutely cute idea to put it in a mason jar! LOVE that!

melifaif said...

Hello?!?! So easy. yet so satisfying???!!!??? LOL. Never thought of that, but YUM!!!!

McKinley said...

So cute, great idea!

Padgett Hoke said...

that looks so yummy - it is that ever addicting salty sweet combo that always gets me!