Monday, February 8, 2010

The Nabors Super Bowl Goodies

First of all . . . .Congrats to the SAINTS - it's been a long time coming - but you did it and now you are SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!

Here are some pictures showing our Super Bowl party. I took some pictures of some of the food/decor before hand, and then there are a few things I didn't get pictures of. My camera battery is dead - and I haven't been able to find my charger for a few weeks now, so most of the pictures I took was with Mike's i-Phone, therefor the quality isn't as good as I would like, but oh well. I also didn't get many pictures of Mike's family that came over. I have a few and then his sister is going to e-mail me pictures she took of everyone, so I may have to show those later. But for now, this was our night. We had a great time and I am just SOO excited the SAINTS won!! Who Dat, Who Dat?!?!

Cupcakes for each team
A Super Bowl party would not be complete without a football and some football chocolates
Little football candles . . . aren't they cute?!?

Peanuts anyone?

Mike was sportin his Saints hat I got him while I was in NOLA a few weeks ago for work

YES!! The Saints scored and are winning!! (I'm such a dork, ha ha!)
After the game, there wasn't much food left. We had the usual football food: Sub sandwiches, chips and dip, wings (boneless so they wouldn't be as messy) cocktail weenies and crackers, Cajun peanuts, and then the cupcakes. Glad everyone enjoyed it all!! We enjoyed the company!

Again . . . Congrats to the SAINTS!! I am ecstatic that they won!!!!!


Lo said...

I'm a follow of Ashley's blog and hopped to yours from there... I'm a fellow NWA-to-Memphis girl! :)

Meg said...

Looks like you went all out! The cupcakes are so cute! Also I looove the purple picture in your dining room!

Annie said...

i love all the decor hun!
it's so fun, you went all out ;) cute!
hope you had a great weekend pretty girl!!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

I just realized that this blog got posted twice . . . so had to delete the first one but didn't want to lose my sweet friends comments - so here they are:

davidsons said...
You are awesome! Love how you decorated for both teams!

Go Saints! Don't you wish you could be back there for the celebration?!

Mara said...
aw this looks like the best party ever! Those themed cupcakes are so cute and I love the flags in the sandwiches! Congrats to the Saints! xox

Ashley said...

WOW! Everything looks amazing! That is my girl! You always know how to throw fun parties & gatherings! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

meredith said...

you were so accommodating to BOTH sides, that's awesome! love all the decorations and goodies!


Natalie said...

All the decorations are so very cute!! You went all out and I love it! I especially love the fleur de lis, they are my favorite!! Yay, so glad that the Saints won!!!

Kara said...

I love your decorating lady! That is awesome that you decorated for both team! I am so excited that the Saints won too!

In this wonderful life... said...

YAY Saints! love all the decor!

Sara Ballstaedt said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these!

Go saints!

What's New with Mrs.T said...

You are too cute!! You commented on my blog that is how I found you. LOVE all your details for your superbowl party you had.

Anonymous said...

YAY SAINTS!!! {{{singing}}} oh when the saints, oh when the

lindsey, you sure know how to throw a party. love-love your decor sense. i still remember your beautiful flower arrangements you gifted your co-workers with. you are definately my go to source for decor ideas and tips. kudos to you my lady.

booo colts, but i'll still take some of those yummy looking cupcakes. love the peanuts in the helmet and your photo as the saints are winning is priceless. you have a lovely home.