Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV and party ideas

So today is the big day . . . Super Bowl XLIV!!! Does everyone have something fun planned or just keeping it low key and relaxing at home? We are staying home, but having Mike's family over . . . so that will be fun. Mike and I went out to eat last night, then after dinner we went and got all the food. I put together a cute little table last night with some decorations (which I will post in the next few days . . .) and got some cute plates and napkins perfect for game day!

So I am ready for some football, food, family and frosty beverages! ha ha! I'm also looking forward to seeing the commercials, those are always so fun to watch! I am routing for The Saints! Normally I would be pulling for the Colts since I am a Peyton fan and really fan of the Manning's in general. The Manning's have some history here where I live and since I went to the same school (Ole Miss) as Eli and his dad, Archie Manning - I normally route for them. My Dad is a huge "Manning" fan, but I am going to have to be the black sheep of the family and route for NOLA! I really want them to win because:
1. they have never made it to a Super Bowl (the Colts have . . and won)
2. I want them to win for their city! I think it would be a great boost and positive thing for New Orleans!

I was in New Orleans the first of January for a few days and I wish SO bad I had known that they were going to be going to the SB, because I would have purchased a couple T-shirts and stuff to wear today. But I did get Mike a cool Saints hat, which I'm sure he will be sporting tonight. So that's who I am cheering for tonight . . . how bout you, who is everyone hoping to win???

Another thing I LOVE about this day is that it's not only the day of the Super Bowl but it's also the day of the PUPPY BOWL!! LOL . . . . Mike and I LOVE watching this every year. It is the funniest, cutest thing ever!! It is on Animal Planet and I think they play it over and over on game day! So check it out! It's so funny to watch!

As I said before, I will be back soon to post pics of my little Super Bowl spread, but in the meantime, check out a few of these ADORABLE ideas for Super Bowl parities . . .


Traci said...

I can't wait to see what all you made. I am making Apache dip and everyone goes crazy for it.

I am rooting for the Saints because they are the underdogs and I also think it would be great for their city!

Somethings Gotta Give said...

Happy Football Sunday to You!!! Can't wait to see your pics. Have a wonderful time with your family.

Anonymous said...

super bowl was a lotta fun to watch. didn't have a gathering, just the hubs and i. i am slowly getting into football, so i look forward to more super bowl's. i too was rooting for the saints, since the colts won the jets who i really wanted to go the super bowl...and even happier the saints won when i heard it was their 1st win. i love how you say their win brings a positive vibe to new orleans. never heard of the puppy bowl, looks like it was fun to watch too, missed that, have to look into it or maybe just catch it next year. the commercials were great, i have a few favorite ones. gosh i feel like im giving you a whole story, but thanks for sharing again.