Monday, February 22, 2010


So - I was kind of in a blah mood last night. I mean I was happy yet blah at the same time, if that's even possible - but I know it is possible because that's how I felt. My blah feeling got better as the night went on. I got my mind off of how I was feeling by having a little wine, cuddling with my honey and watching some good tv. Then later on in the night, Mike and I were cutting up and he was being SOOO funny that I was laughing SOOO hard. I mean I was laughing so hard it hurt SO bad!!! I love laughing like that!!! It's the best!!! Then he just grabbed me and we started dancing in the kitchen. It was sweet and funny!

Laughter is the best medicine!! I mean there is nothing like a good,hard, almost pee in your pants laugh! And my hubby sure does know how to make me laugh! That's what I love about him! From the beginning, when we first started dating, we were always laughing! I am so glad we are still laughing today! I think that is one of many keys to a good relationship, laughter.

*reduces the level of stress as well as increase health enhancing hormones
*provides physical and emotional release
*brings focus away from negative feelings and distractions
*gives your tummy a good lil workout as it contracts your abs. It's also a good exercise for the heart!
*connects us with others
*puts things in a more positive light


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet comments recently! I love finding new bloggers in Memphis!

I loved this post on laughter! I'm having a stressful day, and it put a smile on my face.

p.s. we tried to have our rehearsal at the Orpheum (Pat used to be the CEO of my fiance's company), but Wicked is in town, so it's totally off limits. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Laughter is definitely the best medicine!

E. Williamson said...

Ha, I totally know that "feeling". I woke up happy, yet blah! It's strange but it does exist :)

Love the quotes. Laughter is fabulous!!! I just love watching Americas Funniest Home videos... you can not help but laugh your tooshy off!

ps. so I just read your About me Section. It's SO me!! Love it!

What's New with Mrs.T said...

Isnt it the best when you have a laugh that is so deep in your bellie and you just cant stop!!!! I havent had that in awhile too. Here's to laughter!

~Amy Rose @ Keeping Up... said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! So great to find yours! LOVE it! And yes....laughter always makes me feel better too! Even though I have a really obnoxious laugh. Ha! Love the quotes too!

Ashley said...

I totally agree!!! Laughter cures everything! Im so sorry you were down yesterday, I get that way sometimes too & it stinks! It's a weird feeling but so reassuring you have a great hubby around to turn that frown upside down!

I love you & love all the moments we have laughed our way through life together. We have some great stories! HEHE!!!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

laughter does rock! there are times when i can start laughing and can't stop...even when i should ha ha
my kids can get started just by watching someone else giggle!
do you remember that walmart commercial where the clown steps on a tack at a kids bday party! i can cry laughing and watch that over and over

Anonymous said...

aww, this is sweet. love the photo of the little girl. i love that feeling i get to from laughing so hard, i agree it is such a good feeling relief when i do.

happy to hear that you laughed so hard.

have an AWESOME day

Trina said...

Laughter is definitely an instant vacation!