Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: Day in Oxford & City Grocery Restaurant

* I am late doing this post & it is barely still Tuesday, but what the heck.



Last Monday I had to go to Oxford for the day for work. Mike is usually off on Mondays and instead of sleeping in (like I'm sure he wanted to do) he got up and went with me to Oxford for the day. I had a couple appointments and then we enjoyed part of the day down there together. We had coffee at a local coffee shop on the Square (the Downtown Square is the last photo posted.) We enjoyed that a lot, they have their own, special brewed coffee! After a little work we then went to lunch. I had been to Oxford a couple weeks before and stopped in one of the great local restaurants called City Grocery. Interesting name - when I first heard it I thought it literally was a grocery store - but it's not. It's a great restaurant with local flavor and wonderful food! Mike and I went there and had a lovely lunch! He had chicken which came with potatoes and green beans and I had Lobster quiche and salad. The food was incredible along with the atmosphere! The restaurant had a great interior of old exposed brick and local art lining the walls! Mike and I both agreed that if lunch was this good, then we will definitely have to go back for dinner sometime soon! I can only imagine how good their dinner menu must be!

Oxford is not only the home of University of Mississippi (my Alma Mater) but it is also a treasured city in MS. It holds a lot of history which can be felt in the historic Town Square. Although it was very cold outside, we walked around a bit and I went into some of the great shops and boutiques. I want to go back soon when I have the entire day and just shop! Oxford is only about an hour away from us, so we can easily go down there anytime! I even think it would be fun to go for a little weekend getaway! So if any of you are looking for a quaint yet citified place to visit, go to Oxford. You will find great restaurants, shopping and scenery!


katie + bret said...

Oh how fun! That looks like a place Bret and I would love! Throw in some antique stores, maybe a local brewery and we would be set :)

Fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

That restaurant is so cute and sounds delicious. Oxford seems like a fun place to visit!

Anonymous said...

oxford sounds like a great place to visit. it looks lovely and the food from the grocery looks delish.

thanks for sharing this with us.

Ashley said...

I love this post! I love that town too, so quaint! Love it! ;)

I love your show "TUESDAYS"!

Love you sweetie pie!

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Memphis, and I've only been to Oxford once for a choir performance (lame!). I need to go back soon!

aLiCia* said...

I went to Oxford for the first time 2 weeks ago & LOVED it. It's such a cute city :)

somer said...

oh miss...how i LOVE ole miss!! thanks for the sweet comment, and for stopping by. i am a bit curious...since we are fellow ole miss alum, when did you graduate?

clif, somer, vivian, bauer & ? said...

i'm afraid i am a bit older ;)
i graduated in 1999. but i loved it so much that when my husband covered that region (and incidentally southaven, too) i would make him drive down just to pick up authentic ole miss stuff. :) pretty silly, huh?
you have a great blog...i will be checking back often to see all of your great new stylish ideas. check back with us, too...we should have a "new little rebel" in less than a month! :)