Sunday, February 21, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Favorite Piece of Jewelry: My new diamond bezel Mike got me for our 2 year anniversary (we don't follow the traditional list.) Our Anniversary was Dec. 29 and it wasn't here on time since it was coming from Germany. So it just got here a few weeks ago. I can wear it so many ways with my interchangeable Charlotte jewelry collection. One of my favorite ways is under my diamond, or under my pearl!! I LOVE it!! Thanks hubby!!

Favorite Candy: Sour Gummy worms or Haribo gummy bears

Favorite Candles: World Market Indonesian Teak candles

Favorite Song right now: Tick Tock by Kesha

Favorite New Weekly Ritual: Lunch dates with my hubby (usually Monday or Tuesday)

(Where we at lunch last Monday. We were in Oxford . . will post more on this later.)

Favorite Snack right now: Turkey Pepperoni's - I can eat them straight out of the bag! Also like them on salad or in a pita pocket with a little melted cheese!
Favorite Wine: Pretty much red wine right now. When it's cold out I prefer a red over a white for some reason.

Favorite New Home Accessory: Stacked Glass Ball Lamp (which found its home next to our bed . . . on my side of course!)

Favorite Hair Product: Nioxin Shampoo and Conditioner

Favorite Outfit I have worn lately: My new striped purple, grey and black skirt

(Photo taken in stock room at work in case you were wondering . . .)

Favorite thing I did on my "To Do" List this weekend: Mopping the hardwood floors throughout the house! LOVE the look & feeling of clean floors!

Favorite Brand of Coffee right now: Community Coffee

Favorite Nail Color (right now): OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

These are just a few of my favorite things right now . . . we'll see what my favorite things are here again in a few weeks! Happy Monday everyone!!


alyssa said...

LOVE The ring!!! actually, i love it ALL!!!!

Jennifer said...

can u send me ur email? thanks

ChloƩ said...

that ring is beautiful! i have never heard of interchangable rings! but i think it is awesome! and i love haribo gummy bears! they are THE BEST!

Amber said...

I love love love the ring! Great taste! I'm thinking of doing my own favorite things post. Thanks for sharing :)

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Great list!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

I LOVE all your favorites!

Anonymous said...

I like red wine in winter and white more in summer. Also I've been looking for a dark purple nail polish. Might need to go pick that one up!

chelsea said...

wonderful things! I'm loving that skirt on you!

meredith said...

i think we're in agreement about most everything on that list!

i LOVE that ring!! gorgeous!

katie + bret said...

gummy bears (check)
tick tock (check)
after dark (check)

what wonderful picks you have!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Love the ring! What a sweet husband you have and your job sounds amazing! Not sure how you found my blog but thanks for stopping by and for the message!

Anonymous said...

love this post lindsey. it's nice getting to know you a little more. cute skirt and i love wine too. cheers

Ashley said...

What a great post! I love everything!!!!!! Love you!

E. Williamson said...

Hey girl! Thanks for finding my blog! it's always nice to have new folks to check out! Love all the things on your list! GREAT TASTE!

What's New with Mrs.T said...

Girl, I LOVE your skirt!! Red wine is my FAV!!!! Like you I tend to lean to red when it is cold out too. But I dont not have any white..hehe.

Molly said...

LOVE the ring, seriously! Nail polish is super cute too, I better grab that color asap :) Skirt is adorable, where did you get that?

I've read your blog periodically from Ashley's so I just wanted to say 'hey!'

Brooke said...

After Dark is the best!! Love that skirt too!!

Abbie said...

I'm loving the turkey pepperoni right now, too. Our bedside lamps are very similar to those! I am itching to try the dark nails, but I'm nervous!!