Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thirty Things I'm Thinking of THURSDAY

1. The Barb-B-Q Chicken Chili I made last night was quite good - maybe I'll have leftovers for lunch
2. What am I going to fix for dinner tonight or will I??
3. I am sick of it raining so much around here!!

4. I love black nail polish, but hate how it looks so bad when it chips, like it is now . . .
5. I need a manicure
6. How good it felt to get in the bed last night after I put clean sheets on! Ahhhhh

7. What in the heck am I going to wear to the wedding I am going to in NWA at the end of the month??
8. Will my hair ever grow to the length I want?
9. I don't want to work till 10pm tonight for Moonlight Madness? All the stores are open till 10pm
10. Luckily I don't have to be there till 4.
11. I shouldn't be complaining about working late, instead I should be glad I have a job!
12. I have GOT to get in a regular routine of going to the gym again!!

12. Who is going to win Dancing with the Stars??

13. I miss my Dad and hope I can make a trip to TX to see him soon!
14. I CAN'T wait to go pick up the new mirror we got!!
15. I really need to make myself drink more water

16. What am I going to get Mike for Christmas on the 25th, his birthday on the 27th, and our Anniversary on the 29th???? whew!
17. I knew all along when I picked Dec. 29th to get married it would be a lot to think about!
18. I have many other things I could be doing besides this right now, ha!

19. Do I want to paint the dining room first, or our living room?? hmmmm . . .
20. How can I bribe Mike into painting??
21. Will the economy ever start looking up?
22. I need to dust!
23. I think I am liking the new show on E! . . . "Leave it to Lamas" - but only time will tell.

24. Wish I could snap my fingers and be showered, hair done, make up done, clothes on and ready to go!
25. I need to wash my car!!
26. How I love that Mike comes out to my car everyday/night to greet me when I get home and help me carry anything I have in my car inside! So sweet!!! I love him so!!

(yes, that's us!)
27. What am I going to wear today??
28. Today is PAYDAY!!
29. Not so fast . . . Bills! ugghhh
30. Thank the Lord for another day and hoping all of you have a blessed day too!!


Anonymous said...

um...I am with you on so many of these things I have lost count! {haha} I am for sure tired of this stinkin rain...sheesh! The high here Saturday is 46!! What happened to fall?? I am a black polish lover as well...and my nails are seriously chipped to the point of embarrassment right now! Hope your having a great day! = )

Anonymous said...

ok...that just totally ticks me off when my smiley faces do that...just had to throw that in. haha

LC said...

that is SO nice your hubby meets you at the car and helps you carry stuff in!!! what a guy!

the davidsons said...

I love your list!

Kara said...

I love your list! I can relate and say that I have a few of the same things on my mind! The rain seriously has to stop! I want the wonderful fall weather back! Hope your Thursday is going great!

Annie said...

i am really liking this post!
you have one sweet hubby! & holy moly, what a big month december is for you two!!
and i have two of the exact same thoughts on my mind...yay for pay day, boo to bills!
hope you're having a great day!!

the davidsons said...

ps-I want the BBQ Chicken Chili recipe!

Natalie said...

Love the list, I am definately loving alot of the same stuff. I need the BBQ Chicken Chili recipe for sure...I need something different to make!

In this wonderful life... said...

hi lady- ive been terrible blogger..and i have some caching up to do! You should for sure post the chili recipe :) pretty please!

December is going to be a very busy month for you!

Can't wait to see the painting projects and mirror!

I'm SO sick of rain here too! ugh


Meagan said...

Love your blog! I also need a manicure! BAD!!!

Llama said...

I cut my hair short last year and it took forevvvver to grow back...i swear i didn't cut it for a year later and i totally understand how you are wishing for length!
I am so sick of the rain too!
Love your list!
Have a great weekend sweetie!:)

Jennifer said...

do you ever do this anymore because I have a list of things to write right now!