Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shoe Saga - What's a girl to do???

Yesterday I found 2 of the most FANTABULOUS shoes - I am just dying over them!!!! And not only are they absolutely fabulous -but the price . . . OMG. I got a pair of leopard Steve Maddens for 19.99 (originally 89.99) and then this fab platform heel with patent strap for 14.99 (orig. $50.00.) I got them at Ross - I have had the best luck finding shoes there! I wasn't even looking for shoes or anything really - I just happened to see them.

The saga here and my dilemma is that the black ones are tad big, but I made another whole in the strap and they fit a little better. I think I can put an insert in them too to make them work. I usually wear a 6, 6.5 and sometimes 7. The black ones are a 7. But just like clothes, sometimes shoe sizes fit differently even if it's the size you think you always wear. The amazing leopard ones are a 6 - which I thought would be perfect, but when I got home and tried them on they fetl too snug. I just love these shoes so much though, I feel like I will do ANYTHING to make them fit, ha ha! I know a shoe repair place can stretch boots and stuff, so I wonder if they can do it for a shoe?? hmmm . . . .I may have to find out. I just love them so & will be so sad if I have to part with them! =( As much as I do love them - I also know that there is nothing worse then a girl who's feet are killing her because of her shoes - that is the WORST feeling in the world. So I don't want to be killing myself trying to wear these things, but I would love it if they were just a tad looser and not so tight. Perhaps this particular shoe runs small or something, who knows??

But lookie . . . are they not just to DIE for???

I'm at work right now and feeling SO tired!!! This week has been so long for me, working late a few nights and not getting home till 10 or 11, going to class and then last night I didn't get home till 1 a.m. My Mom, brother and I went to Jackson (about an hour away) to go see my Great Aunt. She has been like a grandmother to me and is the only grandmother figure I've had on my mother's side growing up. She is not doing very well at all. It was so sad, but she actually was able to talk a little and she even still cracked a few jokes. It's just so hard to see someone in that condition and stage in life.

On a happier note - yesterday at work I was playing around with a little make-up (I wasn't busy in the morning so I played with some colors, ha ha.) With the time of year it is, I have the need for darker colors: eye shadows, lipstick polish. The darker eyeshadow and polish is a usual thing for me, but I haven't done my lips dark in a while - so I did yesterday and really liked it for a change. I was goofing around and being a dork taking pics with my phone. I wish you could tell how dark the lipstick was, because it looks lighter in these pics of mine.

I know I look just down right stupid and silly here. Ya'll are probably thinking . . .who do you think you are Mrs. Nabors??? ha ha! But I couldn't help but pucker my lips and make a "sassy" face. Something about new make-up just makes you want to do it. ha ha

Tonight I am going to the Orpheum Theatre to see my brothers girlfriend perform. It should be fun. I think M is going with me. My Mom used to work there and so we have spent many many nights there enjoying plays, concerts and benefits. The most enjoyable of all of the occasions is the fact that we had our rehearsal dinner on stage! It was amazing and something that no one else has done! I was lucky and my Mom was able to pull a few strings since she worked there at the time. So I am excited to go back tonight. The Orpheum holds so many memories for us!

Oh and tonight when I am finally able to lay my tired head on my pillow this will be my prayer:

"As I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord these shoes I keep.
And if I die before I wake, please let these shoes fit for goodness sake!!!"

Well - it was worth a try, right?


Anonymous said...

you hit the jackpot girl! I love Ross. Maybe they can stretch the shoes. There is nothing worse that having that perfect pair sitting in your closet and not being able to wear them. Love the pictures! I like playing around in make up too. Hope your having a great weekend! = )

Melissa said...

Wow! Awesome deal on the shoes! They are super cute!!

Jen said...

AMAZING deals on those shoes!! You're so funny with the poses! I think we all make some sort of face when we do the self pose. My mom says every time I look in the mirror I tilt my head (No Idea why?!?)

Meagan said...

SUCH Cute shoes!! I love them. And I love the Orpheum!!! Have fun lady!!

Tatiana said...

Just blog hopped to your lovely page from "A colorado cupcake." Those shoes are absolutely adorable! I really hope they will fit you so you can rock them out, 'cause they're just too darn cute not to!

Ashley said...

You are so DARN cute!!!!!!!!! Love the shoes hot stuff! SASSY!

chelsea said...

love the prayer;) Your blog is great! I've left you something on mine! Happy Weekend!

Annie said...

love the shoes!! so cute!!
you look so pretty n sassy in your pics!
hope you had a fabulous weekend!! sounds like you had fun stuff going on :)

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, I love the leopard shoes! I am going to my Ross this week to see if they happen to have stinkin' cute!