Sunday, October 18, 2009

Award & Weekend

This weekend I was surprised by this lovely blog award given to me by a new blogger friend, Chelsea from Colorado Cupcake. Thank you Chelsea!!! Check out her blog too - it is super cute! Part of receiving this award included doing this little questionnaire:

Here are the Rules:
1. You Can Only Use One Word!
2. Pass this along to your favorite bloggers!
3. Alert them that you have given them this award!
4. Have Fun!

1. Where is your cell phone? couch
2. Your hair? pony
3. Your mother? Bestfriend
4. Your father? inspiring
5. Your favorite food? all (haha)
6. Your dream last night? waffles??
7. Your favorite drink? DC
8. Your dream/goal? clueless
9. What room are you in? living
10. Your hobby? decorating
11. Your fear? loss
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? mother
13. Where were you last night? Orpheum
14. Something that you aren’t? tall
15. Muffins? strawberry
16. Wish list item? coat
17. Where did you grow up? NWA
18. Last thing you did? coffee
19. What are you wearing? pj's
20. Your TV? movie
21. Your pets? lounging
22. Friends? there
23. Your life? unpredictable
24. Your mood? blah
25. Missing someone? Dad
26. Vehicle? dirty
27. Something you’re not wearing? contacts
28. Your favorite store? Fresh Market
29. Your favorite color? Black
30. When was the last time you laughed? last night
31. Last time you cried? last night
32. Your best friend? Mom
33. One place that you go to over and over? TJ's
34. One person who emails me regularly? Mom
35. Favorite place to eat? Elfo's

I pass this on to a few of my blog friends who are always making my day with their fabulous blogs & leaving kind words on mine!

Brown Girl @ Brown Girl Blogs

(***It was really hard to pick just a few peeps, but I'll try to do one again and send it to the others that I hated to leave out. )

The highlight of our weekend was going to the Orpheum Star Search to root for my brothers girlfriend, Ashley who was participating and singing. She is a phenomenal singer and was on Broadway as Annie when she was younger.

Out of 11 people who participated in the Star Search, she won 2nd place!! We are so proud of her!! She is so talented, she sings for a number of functions, performs in plays and is also a student at University of Alabama. Her dream is to be back on Broadway when she is done with school and I definitely think she will do it. She is a beautiful young lady and I'm so glad my brother has such an amazing girlfriend! I love her! Sometimes I wish she still lived close by so we could share clothes, ha ha!

Snappin pics on the way . . . .
Ashley!! Isn't her dress so pretty?? And her jewelry just sparkled on stage!!
Guess all 3 of us got the "wear black and white memo" ha ha! Those are my colors though! Can't go wrong with B&W - classic!
Mike and I in the lobby of the Orpheum. We love coming back here and have so many memories. Best of them all is that we were lucky enough to have our rehearsal dinner in this beautiful building on stage. Every time we come back to see a show or concert I look at the stage where the performance is taking place and think WOW - we had our rehearsal dinner here. What a memory!!
After that Mike and I went to Blue Fin, a wonderful Sushi bar here in Memphis. My Mom met up with us a little later. It was so good.

Today I was off work - YAY! Slept in, lounged around a little then finally got my butt up and went to the grocery. I fixed Mike som Jamaican Jerk chicken, red beans and rice, and then some mini crab cakes. They were SO good. They were actually "Low Carb" crab cakes. Quite yummy and will definitely make them again. Now I am off to enjoy the night on the couch with my boo, have a little wine, and watch a few shows. Gotta love Sunday night TV!


Anonymous said...

congrats on the award! I am soooo with you on #14. That is so cool about Ashley, I have always loved Annie. Glad you had such a great weekend! loved seeing your pictures. Congrats to all the great ladies you tagged and hope y'all have a great day! = )

Jen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! That is so cool about your brothers girlfriend - she's gorgeous and the Annie stint is TOO cool!

Suzi said...

oooh those crab cakes look YUMMY! can you post the recipe?? sounds like a great weekend! cute blog!

annechovie said...

Very cool, Lindsay. Sounds like you had fun and i love that dress on you!

Brown Girl said...

Thank you for the award, you are so sweet. Don't hate me when I forget to pass it on because I suck at that. Moving your hair!! I am obsessed with it, it's just so damn cute! You and the hubs are adorable!

Annie said...

thanks for the award sweet girl!!
sounds like you had a great weekend.
good for you on going to the grocery, i couldn't drag my lazy butt yesterday so i guess i get to go tonight.
your brother's gf is very pretty!
love the pics of you and your hubby, you two are such a cute couple! you look great together :)
hope you are having a good day!

Tatiana said...

congrats on that award!Sounds like you had a very fun weekend! You look adorable by the way!The two of you look beautiful together! And Ashley is gorgeous!

TriciaNae said...

Just found your fun. and i'm officially in love with the shoes in the post below. :)