Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Show 'N Tell Tuesday:Graceland Stables & Plane: The Lisa Marie

*** I am going to change what I normally do and "tell" first then "show". . .

On Labor Day I went with my parents to Graceland. I LOVED Elvis when I was a little girl!!! I had a couple posters and was obsessed with Elvis movies! All of my friends were not into that sort of thing - but I was. I think I get it from my Mom. I had been to Graceland 3 times before, the last time was when I was 19. My parents and I debated about doing the house tour - which we had done before, but I kind of wanted to wait till Mike could go with us-so we are going to do the house part in the fall. He has lived here in Memphis his whole life and has never been - I find that odd - but I guess not everyone loves Elvis like I do and did growing up. I had been in there before too and I do want to go back, but we decided to tour the planes (which I had not done before) and then we toured the stables. The stables just opened up this year as a trial tour for Graceland. To our surprise me and my parents were the LAST people to tour the stables this year. They said they are not sure if they are going to re-open it to the public next year. I hope they do, but the thought of the 3 of us being the very last people to get to see it is way cool. When I was little we used to pass through Memphis on our way to see my Grandparents around the holidays. One detour we always took was driving by Graceland. I loved it at Christmas! I told my parents how funny it is to think that all the times we drove by - who would have thought we would be living in Memphis, and so close to Graceland. Quite ironic!

I took lots of pics of our visit to Graceland and wanted to share a few! I know some people see Graceland and may think it's not that great - but if you think of the time Elvis lived there and when he actually bought it in the 50's when it was out in the country - it was a pretty fabulous mansion at the time.

The barn. This is where Elvis went when he wanted peace and to meditate. It was so beautiful and peaceful out there!
A pair of EP's cowboy boots
2 of his hats and saddles

Me and my Parents

EP's Plane, The Lisa Marie
Dad was checkin out the plane

Part of the plane inside: this was a large table they would sit around. I know the colors are horrible, but remember - this was the 70's!
Master Bedroom on plane - I bet a lot of "shaggin" happened here (& not just with Priscilla unfortunately)

Me and Mom


Jennifer said...

I haven't been as an adult, but when I was a toddler, my grandmother worked in the office part of Graceland. They needed some models for pics, so me and my baby sister modeled for a picture that was hung in the gift shop area! I need to find that picture! I was so chunky!!

Julee Turner said...

ok! I LOVE Graceland! My mom is from TN so I have been there many times. The stables are so pretty!!
Thanks for the comment on my post! I know what you mean about decorating too much. I love modern stuff so I try not to have too many decorations. I like the less is more look! :) We do have very similar taste because I always love the pics of your house you put out! You are so creative and some really cool ideas! Have a great day!!

Annie said...

i saw all these pics of yours on FB ;)
i would love to go to graceland some day! i think it would be fun to visit. that is really neat to think you might have been the last tourists through the stabels, how neat!!

the davidsons said...

I've always wanted to go to Graceland!!

Ashley said...

Love these pictures, great memories with your family! ;)

In this wonderful life... said...

what a fun trip!! I've always wanted to go to Graceland!

Elvis_Rulez said...

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Anonymous said...

I went when I was 19 with grandparents. I want to take my four children now that they are older. Nice blog.