Monday, September 14, 2009

"Nobody Put's Baby in the Corner" R.I.P Patrick Swayze

Hearing the news today that Patrick Swayze lost his battle to cancer was so sad. He was 57 - which is so young! I think it is so cool and rare that he and his wife stayed together and were married over 30 years. That doesn't happen much in Hollywood! I remember when my parents let me watch Dirty Dancing for the first time - I think I was like 7 (they covered my eyes during the sex scenes - LOL.) I remember just being in awe of all of the dancing and when I went to bed that night I was running, jumping and dancing around everywhere because I was just so excited about the movie! I started dance and ballet when I was 2 and did it for years up until I broke my ankle when I was 14. I loved dance and I remember watching that movie made me love dancing even more. I wish I had been able to stick with it.

I was thinking tonight that this year we have lost so many famous, iconic people. It's so sad! I can't think of another year when so many famous people have died - I'm sure there has been one, but this year we have really lost a lot of big stars. I pray for Patrick's wife, friends, and family - that they may have strength and peace during this sad sad time.

This is the way I like to remember Patrick Swayze. He was so perfect here! And good heavens was he GOOD LOOKING!!!! I can't sit still watching this!!!

Okay - well I'm trying to post a video - & YouTube would be doing maintenance right now. So when they are back up and working, the video will be posted. Until then, click here.

If this doesn't make you just want to get up and dance, I don't know what will??? Rest in Peace Patrick! I hope you are dancing in heaven!


Julee Turner said...

Lindsey! That is fun that we have the same ring! Don't you just love Maude?! Hope everything in Memphis is great!

Amber said...

This is so sad! I love Dirty Dancing.

Amber said...

p.s. this is completely random but you have great taste in music!

Jennifer said...

This answer has nothing to do with your post...I couldn't find your email address. :) I've been going to Living Hope. It's at the Briarcrest School at Walnut Grove and Houston Levee. But I went to Hope for a while last year and loved it! LOVE LOVE. It's beautiful isn't it?

Ashley said...

AW, so sad. I love that movie!!!!!!! So crazy how many Hollywood peeps are dying!