Monday, September 21, 2009

Disco & Wedding Weekend

Over the weekend I . . . . .

went to dinner with my Mom, then we went out dancing to a new location of a famous club here in Memphis called Raifords. Mike went out with his best friend so Mom and I made a night of it! The new club we went to is called "Paula's Raifords" because the daughter of Raiford: Paula, wanted to open up her own place. It's not your typical club, think Saturday Night Fever! They play disco, a lot of Michael Jackson, Jackson 5 and mix in some hits from today. It was so fun! Thanks Mom for going with me!!!

(These photos are horrible because for one they have fog machines inside, ha ha, & two, I used my phone cam.)
Mom and I dancin to a lil MJ

Then we had to go to a wedding Sunday (yes Sunday.) It was our neighbor's son. He used to live there too a few years ago, but now he has grown up and is married. (It made me feel really old!) It was a sweet wedding and we had a nice time. I saw some old friends and got to catch up which was nice. The wedding was planned in only 90 days! WOW! But it was rushed because the bride's father has cancer and is very ill and it is not looking good! The bride wanted her dad to be able to walk her down the isle, so that was why the wedding was planned so quickly. He had a walker because he is just so sick, but he was able to walk her down the isle, and then dance with her for about 3 or 4 minuets for their Father/Daughter dance. So sweet, special and sad all at the same time. There were not many dry eyes after their dance.

My brother was our date ( my Mom & I) and he was a trooper and stuck around for a while.
It was a good weekend and made me feel so thankful for my family! Oh & I don't think I've danced that much over a weekend in quite a while!
The Bride & Groom
My Bro, Case & my Mom
Introducing the wedding party
Case danced with Mom
My lil brother is so cute!

Mom and I dancing with everyone (that's me with the halter tied in the back)


In this wonderful life... said...

you and your mom are too cute!

Brown Girl said...

How fun, your momma looks great!! I hang out and go dancing with my mom too! The wedding looked very fun and how sweet for her father to be able to be there for it.

Amber said...

What a cool place! Looks like you had a great time :)

Annie said...

you and your mom and SO CUTE!!
i love that you and her go out together and dancing, how fun!!
looks like the wedding was fun as well! such a cute family you have ;)

the davidsons said...

I and your mom are adorable!

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

CONGRATS!! You won the giveaway for Kat Von D perfume.
Please send me your address- when you have a chance!

PS- Love Rob Thomas- great song on your blog