Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hoping for a miracle for Jessica Simpsons dog Daisy!

I just heard the horrible news about Jessica Simpson's sweet little dog, Daisy. Apparently Monday night her sweetie was snatched by a coyote right IN FRONT of her!! OMG - I cannot even imagine that!!! (And not quite sure how that would happen right in front of her??) I feel so bad for her though and can only imagine the sadness she feels. She has put flyers up everywhere and is offering an award - but the truth is if a coyote got Daisy - it's probably not likely that she will be found. (ugghhh - I hate even saying that!)

You can read the sad story here. =(

Again - I can't even imagine this! One time our Yorkie (who passed away 2 years ago) ran off and was missing for 3 days. But - by the grace off God we found him. My brother said he was going to go look around our neighborhood one last time . . . and miraculously he found him!!! He was in a mans yard and the man was giving him some water. He looked like he had been on quite a journey and was exhausted, dirty and covered in those sticky, burs - ouch! To make matters worse, he had gone blind before this too. All I could think about before we found him was that he had fallen in a ditch somewhere and was hurt and was just going to lay there, suffer and die! But it was a pure miracle by the grace of God that we found him!!!

When I heard this tonight, I told Mike that maybe this will bring Nick & Jess back together, ha ha! Since Nick did get Daisy for Jess and all! I wish! He just laughed at me!

I can only hope that there will be a miracle and Daisy will be found alive!!!


The Janacek's said...

Aww that is so sad about Jessica's dog! Yea we want to start a fam and it just might be hard to have 3 dogs!!! I have another yorkie and he is just the sweetest little man! I would die if something happened to him! I just got Bella to control the baby fever! HA! It didnt! Sooo I had to find her new home and she will be so taken care so it makes everything better! Are you guys thinking of getting another one?

In this wonderful life... said...

I would be beyond sad and crazy if this (anything) happened to Elton! SO SAD!

Annie said...

i heard about this the other day, it's sooooo sad! :(
i would be heart broken if anything ever happened to my little gussy.

Julee Turner said...

This seriously made my heart hurt! I read it on Twitter the other night and screamed when I read it. Its so terrible!! I would DIE if that happen to Romeo!! I really hope they find her but I know the odds are not good!

Yansy said...

This is so sad! I would die if anything happened to my dogs, they're my babies. I really hope they find Daisy.

Melissa said...

When I heard this story the other day, it broke my heart. My dog Sammy is very similar to her Daisy. I would just die if that happened to him. I cannot even imagine what she's going through!