Thursday, September 17, 2009

You're a JERK!

Have any of you heard the song "You're a Jerk" by the New Boyz?? Well since I live in Memphis and have a 30-40 minuet commute to work each day, I tune in to the radio which allows me to keep up with the latest hip hops songs. I have my days when I'm not in the mood for these types of tunes, but I heard this one day and I thought it was catchy. I love the little voice saying "You're a Jerk!"

When I heard this song it got me thinking how funny it would be to put a slide show together of all the "JERKS" I dated back in the day, along with jerks my friends dated. Actually now that I think of it - there were plenty of guys me and my girls didn't date . . . .but were still JERKS!!! Not that I even care at all about these stupid guys or anything - but the thought of doing that just ran through my head and I found it amusing!

So to all you stupid, shady, sorry guys out there who did us wrong and continue to treat women poorly . . . this is for YOU . . . . JERK!!!

(Oh and fellas, be glad I'm not making a slide show and calling all you out. It sure would be funny - but I wouldn't waste my precious time on you for one more second. LOL)

*** Ya'll may have to go down and pause or stop my playlist in order to listen to this . . . . ***

Thank the Lord I found me an AMAZING hubby!!! Hasta la vista Jerks!!


Ashley said...

Okay, this is hilarious!! I just died laughing! AND, those fella's better be glad I am not naming name, because I could name quite a few on both my end, and yours... and few of mine are even in Memphis...HAHHA!

At least we found good men in the end!

I love you BFF, lots of hugs and love! GREAT POST!

Laura said...

Hi! I found your blog via Kelly's Korner and noticed that you live close to Memphis. We LOVE Memphis and try to go there for a visit once or twice a year. We live in Louisiana and it's about a 4 hour trip from our home town. LOVE me some Germantown/Cordova, Melting Pot, Gould's Spa, Wolfchase Galleria, and Abuelo's! So yummy!! (And yes, we do go downtown, but not every visit. Our fav place down town is Huey's!)

Brown Girl said...

Oh, you totally missed my post about this song. Haha, so funny!!!

Haven and Home said...

Hilarous, I could definitely add some to your slideshow!