Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Fun with Friends

Last night we went out with some friends of ours, Wes and his wife Ginnifer. Wes and Mike have been friends since grade school and they workout together almost everyday each week. He was also Mike's best man at our wedding. Wes and Ginnifer had some friends in town that they went to school with at MS State, Ricky and Felicia.  We all went to eat at On the Border, had a few drinks, then headed downtown. I used to go downtown every weekend back in my single days . . ha ha, but I had not been in a while. Our first stop was Silky's, the Irish Pub and the guys decided that each couple needed their own "Diver" - which is a concoction of a many drinks mixed together in a HUGE bucket. It kind of tastes like punch. They were $17 each. We all did our best to drink up, but I think we all drank about half of it. I told Ginnifer that we really should've just gotten one and all shared it since it comes with like 20 straws, but guess the guys thought we would drink more then we did. I think we were all full from eating. Note: don't eat Mexican Food before going out, because it makes you too full! We stayed at Silky's for a while and sat on the patio. Out by the patio is a fenced in area with 2 goats. Yes, I said GOATS. It' just kind of part of Silky's and they have built a special little 3 story home for the goats. They like to drink beer too! ha ha! I'm sure if they could talk they would have some stories to tell about crazy, drunk people! LOL!  It was pretty hot out there, so we decided to go somewhere else. We went to Club 152.  When we first got down on Beale some guy came up to all of us and said that we looked nice and gave us all a wrist band to get up on the 3rd floor of 152, which is like the best floor, more like VIP. So we went there. We had a good time! Lots of people there and we ran into some friends. I took it easy on the drinks since I had to work today - until Ginnifer went to the bar and came back with 6 shots!! YIKES! She said each of us girls were suppose to take 2. I only took one - and I really didn't even want that one. But I did since she got it. It was one I had never had before nor had I ever heard of: it was a Oatmeal Cookie Shot. It kinda tasted like one and it was okay . . . but I don't think I would get it again. I gave Mike my second one because I just did not want it - and he was not too crazy about it either! All in all, we had  great night out with friends! It was good to get out and also be with 2 married couples! That was nice for a change! We were supposed to go over to Wes's tonight to watch the UFC fight, but Mike had to work today and since we didn't get in till very late, he didn't get only but a few hours of sleep. So - I think we may just stay in tonight and chill! We may get some take out, get a good movie, and curl up on the couch in our pj's and just relax! One more hour to go and I will be off work and ready to relax! 

I am so thankful that Mike has had such a good, life long friend like Wes! We had a great time last night and look forward to doing it again soon!

Recap of our night . . . 

Me waitin to go to dinner . . . . 
   Mike played a little Wii while we waited for Wes to pick us up . . . 
Umm . . where are they ??? Running late - tick tock tick tock

Mike & Wes with one of Memphis finest, our friend William! These guys went to Elementary school together through high school. William and Mike had an apartment when I met Mike. William was also in our wedding. I think I mentioned a while back that one of the groomsman started to faint during our wedding - yeah . . . . that was William! ha ha! He signed our guest book as "The Fainter." We love him though! 
The famous "Diver!"

The Goats on their castle
Gotta love the Memphis humidity! It was really hot and my bangs were starting to friz! ugghh! As I always say "Drink up Buttercup!" 

Me and my boo
Mike, Wes and Ricky having a little "Guy" talk
Felicia, Ginnifer and Me. We had been dancin a little and were so hot . .  not good for the hair! 

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Annie said...

sounds like you had a fun night!!
lots of great pics girly!