Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show us your Life: Wedding Reception (Stay tuned for Honeymoon post . . )

This week at Kelly's Korner, it is Show us Your Life: Reception & Honeymoon.I got carried away with the pics again, ha ha. Just know that is to be expected with me!I didn't include Honeymoon in this since I posted so many pics. I will post some of our honeymoon later this weekend! I LOVED our reception! We had our favorite band, Gabby Johnson (who Mike and I saw on our first date and have become friends of ours.) I had gotten up and said a little something the night before at our rehearsal, so to my BIG surprise, Mike got up during the reception and sang to me! It was the BEST thing ever! A friend of ours got it on video (the first part and what Mike said got cut off since no one knew he was doing this . . . ) It was so cute too because as you will see, his "back up singers" started their part a little early and everyone laughed - then they kept going and Mike kinda had to give them a cue . . . I LOVE it!

Me in the background - waiting to be announced at our reception
Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Nabors!
LOVED our shrimp tree!
Besides Mike's Day job, he is also a Personal Trainer, so he is into weight lifting. His cake was a large weight, like what he uses when he works out. We are doing our muscle pose! ha ha

A lil kissy after some cake!
Dad and I dancing!! Love this pic!
Mike and I dancing, LOVE both pics Best day of my life!!!!

Time to partaaaaay . . . My Parents were ready too! They are so adorable!
Mrs. Nabors gettin down!
My dad dancing with the ladies!
Mom and I had our own little dance session. I picked the song "Got it from my Mamma" by Will.I.Am!! It was SO fun! Then all of the mothers and daughters got out there to strut their stuff!
This is THE MOMENT of the night! Mike surprised me by getting up and singing to me,with his groomsmen as backup of course!!
My reaction!! I had no idea he was going to do this . . . .
This moment was PRICELESS!! He could never get me any gift more special than this as long as I live! (besides our future children . . )
I really got into it at the end and couldn't help myself and sang along to him
Unfortunately, my photographer didn't do the best about getting pics of our tables and everything (actually not one sing pic - very disappointing!) but this is one I got from a friend that kind of shows just a little of what it looked like. We had the same tall branch candelabras that where down the isle, on the tables with white balls, candles and then all white flower arrangements. Wish you could really see how pretty it was . . . .
Still bustin a move!
Mike and I outside . . . He is so happy, he's got a spring in his step!


Allyson said...

How beautiful! And I love the shrimp tree!

Annie said...

i love that he sung to you!!
you were one beautiful bride!!
love all the pics, looks like your reception was sooooo much fun!!

p.s. thanks for letting me know about hobby lobby....if only we had those in minnesota :(