Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show us your Life Continued: Honeymoon

Now for our Honeymoon. . . .We did not leave for our Honeymoon until about 5 days after our wedding. We went on a cruise and due to dates of the cruise, we had to wait a few days after our wedding. I wasn't too happy about this at first when we were planning everything, but after the wedding, I was glad that it worked out like that because we were both SO exhausted! It was also nice because with everything going on with the wedding, I didn't have to worry about packing for the honeymoon. So I got to do that after the wedding, which was nice! I would recommend this for everyone!

We did stay at the Westin Hotel the night of our wedding. Mike had booked us a nice room, but at the end of the night when we arrived to the hotel, we went to our room and we were headed up to the top floor where the suites are. A man escorted us to our room and carried our bags, opened the door for us, and Mike carried me over the threshold. The sight was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. When Mike checked in and told the hotel that we were getting married that night, they gave him a suite. It was a $1500 a night room and it was AMAZING!!!! Mike had the entire suite, living room, bedroom, bathroom, all covered in rose petals and candles - I mean EVERYWHERE. We got in the room and Mike had classical music playing, a bath with rose petals, champagne, & a basket of food from our reception. Mike went over and pushed a button and the curtains opened up and the view was over looking downtown Memphis- it was BREATHTAKING! It was like out of a movie!!! Since we got married on the 29th of Dec. there were still Christmas decorations throughout the city. Our view also included a HUGE Christmas tree covered in lights. It was seriously the most amazing thing ever!! I have never stayed in a room like this. Oh and the bed had the softest, most comfortable linens ever! I didn't want to leave. We enjoyed our night there! For our actual HM we went on a cruise to Jamaica, Cozumel, Grand Caymans, and the Bahamasl! (Sadly we didn't get to enjoy the Bahamas because we both for SO sick our last 2 days . . . .ugghh) We stayed in our room for a full 24 hours . . . But other then that,it was so fun! I really enjoyed it, although the only part I didn't care for was how almost everywhere we stopped had the same shops and things as the destination before . . . I enjoyed Cozumel the most because it was more authentic. Mike bought me some jewelry and a really cool turquoise ring at this cute little shop there. The man who owned it was so nice and he liked us so much he gave us a shot of some very nice Tequila. I am not a fan of Tequila, but it was the smoothest I have ever had and was not bad at all.

We had a great time relaxing and spending time together as newlyweds!

At the Memphis airport @ 5 A.M.

Mr. Nabors enjoying some Jamaican Jerk Chicken

On the ship coolin off with a Strawberry Daquiri!
If you like Pina Coladas . . . . .
Takin the rest of our wine back to the room! ;)
HOT hubby!
Tryin out the HOT HOT peppers . . . .
Cheers! (this is the jewelry shop where we made friends with the owner and he gave us his special, BEST tequila!)

What a way to wake up and enjoy breakfast!

Grand Caymans

Soakin up some rays!
We took part in a little Karioke night . . . .


my life as a wife said...

How sweet of your husband to get you guys an awesome room! So romantic!

Annie said...

aw, you two are such an adorable couple!
love all the pics!!

Trina said...

Ya'll are so cute!!! I love that pic of you eating the pepper. The colors in the photo are great and the hat and sunglasses are so chic!