Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lindsey's Look 4 Less: Black Bubble Dress, Madden Wedges, Black Braided bag

Allen Schwartz Black Bubble Dress . . . $171.00
Leopard Print Silk Scarf by TOLANI $99.00

Black Patent T-Strap Wedge $129.00

Braided Black Leather Bag by Ruby & Crickette $159.00

Skagen Two Tone Mesh Watch $100.00
Total: $658.00

 LOOK 4 LESS . . . 

Braided Black Bag $14.99 (Burlington Coat Factory)
Steve Madden T-strap Patent wedge $39.99 (Marshall's)

Black Bubble Dress $12.00 (Ross)
Two Tone Mesh Watch $14.99
Leopard Print Silk Scarf $0.00 (2o years old from Mom's closet)
Lindsey's Look: $82.00 (vs. $658.00)

Like every woman, I LOVE to shop! I have certain brands that I like of course, but to be honest, if it looks cute I like it no matter what the brand. I always seem to find really good deals I don't know how or why, but I do. My Mom didn't raise me to always shop the sales - I mean don't get me wrong, we were both always excited to find a deal, but we were not the type to run to the sale rack first thing upon entering a store. I have my nice, more expensive clothes, as well as pieces I have gotten for real bargains. I enjoy shopping at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross! I know I can always find cute, stylish pieces in there. I don't go there to shop necessarily because of the prices, but because I find cute things I like, and to me - that's all that matters! I love it when I find pieces that I have seen other places for a lot more money. When I find good deals, I feel a sense of satisfaction, almost like I have found a hidden treasure! (Silly I know . . .) but there is just something thrilling to me about finding a great dress, shoes, bag, whatever, at a steal of a price. Again, I don't go out looking for these deals, but I always seem to find them! I got to thinking about this while I was at work today, so thought I would snap a few pics with my phone (sorry about the crappy quality.) 

Keep in mind that it doesn't cost a fortune to have fashionable clothes or accessories. It just may take a little patience to look and an eye to spot great pieces! Also, go through your closet or even your Mom's (like I did.) You never know what you may find and how you can use it to make an outfit. I did not include my necklace and ring you see - those are very nice pieces with 18k from the store I work for - and those pieces alone are more then the first outfit combo. But that's what is fun, mixing your nice pieces with your fabulous finds!  Happy Shopping!!!


GrannySmithGreen said...

Great post! Who doesn't love a bargain. Did you read my post about my $5 Manolos!?!?

Yansy said...

I love your wedges and the outfit is fantastic. Come by and check out the new City Escapes series, it starts today.

Annie said...

love those SM shoes!
i'm also a major bargain shopper girl ;)