Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally . . . Our Weekend in AR

Finally, I have found time to post about our weekend trip to my hometown, Northwest Arkansas. Mike and I left Thursday after I got off work. He was off too so we decided to go ahead and leave and get there that night so that would give us a little extra time. I was so excited to get there and see Avery!!! She was absolutely precious! I just wanted to eat her up! She was asleep when I got there, but the next morning I got to see her just as she was waking up. She just smiled and was just the most beautiful, precious thing you had ever seen. Friday, we shopped a little -  our first stop was Riffraff which was so fun (I wrote about our time there a couple posts below) then after that we went to Noodles, one of my favorite places when I lived there.  We enjoyed lunch and then headed back to Ashley’s house to get ready for our plans that night. We went out to Ashley’s parents house on the lake in Bella Vista. We grilled out, had a little wine and really enjoyed ourselves. Ashley’s parents have been like a second family to me and after I graduated HS and my parents moved to Memphis, I practically lived there – I was always at their house! Her brother, Aaron and wife Tiffany  - who I am also good friends with, came over too. We all had such a good time! We all spent the night there too and then Ashley’s Mom fixed us a yummy breakfast the next morning. After that we went and did a little more shopping and running around. First stop was True Treasures, a place I discovered last time I was there. I found some great things there: a cool chair that I am going to recover, a side table and a funky mirror – and the best part is, I got it all for $56!! Awesome deal! Sandra Bullock and Jesse James shopped here too when they were passing through!

 We all went and ate lunch at this great, funky sandwich shop, then the boys went there way, while Ash & I went ours and we all shopped for a couple of hours.  That night Avery stayed with Ash’s parents so the 4 of us could go out. Ash hadn’t been away from Avery over night yet, but she did great and we really had a great time. We went to dinner at Crabby’s – which was so good, then we went bowling – which I hadn’t done in probably over ten years! Ha ha. After bowling we stuck around a little longer and really decided to get WILD ‘n CRAZY with some arcade games! Ha ha! Seriously  - it was fun! They guys disappeared to go play some games, so Ash and I had our own fun and played a few games ourselves! We laughed so much and it was fun to be silly and just have a good time. I think the 4 of us were the oldest people in the Arcade. Everyone else was in high school & they probably thought we were all nuts! Ha – but we had a good time! Sunday was our last day. Ash and I had our coffee and chatted while we looked at our pics from the weekend! Mike took his Wii, so he and Chad played that most of the morning. Ash’s parents dropped Avery off before church, so I was glad to get to see her a little more before we left. I was sad to go as always! I hate being away from my best friend – but we talk almost everyday! We left there house around 2 and Mike and I went to a few more shops before hitting the road. I took him to Market Place for lunch. He had been there once before when he came with me to see Ash before we got married, and he loved it. I got the wonderful Jambalaya Pasta – sooo good. He got their yummy chicken fingers and the amazing sweet potato fries!  I had been telling him about the Chocolate Mess and we were really too full for desert but since I noticed that they now have a “mini” Chocolate Mess, we got that. It was just right! Then we stopped in Little Rock on the way home to go to Shorty Smalls – read my post below for “Show ‘n Tell Tuesday.”

 Over all we had a wonderful weekend! We are so thankful to have such good friends! I love that Ashley and I have been friends since junior high, through college, we were each other’s Maids of Honor and now I get to be a part of her life and watch her as a Mom. We have grown up of course, but we are still the same, silly, fun girls as we always were. We still borrow each others clothes, jam to music while we put on our make-up, act so so silly and dance and sing to the top of our lungs in the car when a song we love comes on! I think those are things that we will always do, not matter how old we are, or how many kids we have!

        Mike wanted to sit in the back with Ms. Avery . . . so sweet!!
Avery in the little sundress I got for her
   Me & Tiff

I am such a dork! ha ha
After lunch at Market Place, getting ready to head home! =(

Oh and these are these are the things I got at True Treasures . . . . all 3 for $56!!!!! I love finding things like this!


Ashley said...

Great post Linz.. I had tears whenever I read this! Lots of love... and thanks for always being such a good friend to me. I miss you already- OCT better come fast!

HUGS to you and Mike!

Lucinda said...

Looks like a great trip, love the purple dress on you!

Annie said...

looks like SO.MUCH.FUN!!
you girls are gorgeous!
you got one heck of a deal on those treasures ;)
and who cares if you were being a dork, you were having fun!
baby avery is such a little baby doll ;)
love all the pics!